University of Idaho Warns Employees Against Discussing Abortion and Contraception

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – The University of Idaho has warned its employees not to discuss contraception with students or to provide reproductive health counseling — at the risk of being fired and charged with a felony. Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in June that overturned federal abortion rights under Roe v. Wade, Idaho has seen nearly all abortions outlawed under a so-called trigger law passed in 2019. Last week, the university’s general counsel wrote in an email to faculty and staff that officials will also enforce a law dating back to 1867 — when Idaho was a territory — making it a crime to advertise abortion services and birth control. Civil liberties groups have condemned the guidance as a violation of free speech on campus. Adam Steinbaugh is an attorney with the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.

Adam Steinbaugh: “The First Amendment protects the rights of university faculty at public universities and colleges to discuss matters in class that are relevant to the class. The First Amendment protects that. And if you were telling them that if they are seen to promote abortion in their class or academic work, they could wind up in handcuffs, that’s a First Amendment problem.”

One thought on “University of Idaho Warns Employees Against Discussing Abortion and Contraception

  • Now that the Republican “pro-lifers” jajaja, want into peoples’ bedrooms to make sure that women are skrewed for babies only and Idaho and Arizona are invoking laws from three century’s ago, what’s next?
    Maybe Amerika could be great again if they took the vote away from women and reinstated laws so that only white male landowners could vote. The sky’s the limit with these folks.

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