US Billionaire Paris Hilton Visits Cuba

Paris Hilton in Old Havana with a couple United Buddy Bear sculptures. Photo from her Instagram.
Paris Hilton in Old Havana with a couple United Buddy Bear sculptures. Photo from her Instagram.

HAVANA TIMES — Paris Hilton, the billionaire heiress of the Hilton hotel empire, is visiting Cuba today, according to a photograph she published on social networks from Havana, reported dpa news.

“Taking off towards Cuba. I will not have phone service for a couple of days. So if I do not respond to your messages it’s because I’m not them getting,” Hilton wrote to her supporters this afternoon on her Twitter account.

Hours later, the “celebrity” published a picture on the social network Instagram where she is in Old Havana, in the heart of the Cuban capital, posing beside two lifesize United Buddy Bear bear sculptures that are part of a German exhibition that travels the world.

The Habana LIbre Hotel. Photo: Elio Delgado Valdes

The visit of the US heiress comes amid a historic rapprochement between the governments of Washington and Havana. The two countries announced in mid-December they would move to resume diplomatic relations after more than a half century of hostilities.

The Hilton family had a large hotel on the island, opened in 1958. It was nationalized less than a year later after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The “Havana Hilton” was then renamed the “Habana Libre” and remains one of the most emblematic hotels of the Cuban capital. Former President Fidel Castro lived there in a suite for several months after taking power January 1959.

Several US politicians, both democrats and republicans, have also visited the island in recent weeks, after the announcement of the thaw between Cuba and the United States.
Editor’s Note: Later on Friday, Paris Hilton showed up with Naomi Campbell and Fidel Castro’s oldest son at the Havana Cigar Festival.  Here’s the report with lots of pictures.

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  • As long as she does not come to Key West I will be happy .

  • error historico ,el hotel Habana Hilton no era ,ni nunca fue propiedad de ningun ciudadno estadounidense ,era de un fondo de empleados gastronomicos CUBANOS ,LO Q EL NOMBRE SE USO [HILTON ]Para dirigirlo informense

  • Paris Hilton is just the next in a long line of American celebs who see Cuba as the next Africa. That is to say that once Africa is where celebrities went to get their exotic world traveler creds. But Ebola ended all that. Now, the new black is Cuba. It is like a Human Zoo, where famous people can go and take lots of pictures of themselves being followed around like demi-gods. Cuba is edgy and Paris, like Beyoncé and others like the hint of negative publicity to assure that the straight news channels and not just the E! News cover their trip. The Castros lap this stuff up. After all, how bad can a place be if Paris Hilton can go there for a good time?

  • Is she seeking compensation or looking at the possibility of buying up another hotel? Please Cuban people do not be tempted to sell your souls for a few dollars!

  • Anything for publicity I guess.
    Did she have the guts to ask that the hotel would be returned, I wonder?

  • world has gone to hell now-lol

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