US & Cuba Could Bond for Haiti

Cuban doctors heading for Haiti

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 14 — The Guardian online is currently featuring an article suggesting that the United States and Cuba should put their never ending Cold War aside and work together to help mitigate the crisis situation in the pummeled Haitian capital Port au Prince, hit by a major earthquake on Tuesday.

The article by journalist Steve Clemons notes: “In Latin America, Cuba stands out as one of the most effective deployers of soft power.  Rather than exporting revolution, Cuba today exports doctors – with more than 30,000 Cuban doctors working in more than 100 underdeveloped countries around the world.

“Cuba has become a marquis provider of catastrophe-related medical assistance around the world, particularly after tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes – and no doubt will send large contingents of medical personnel to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.”

Clemons continues by pointing to the opportunity at hand: “Moving beyond the cold war stasis in US-Cuba relations is a priority of Barack Obama’s administration, and the devastation in Haiti provides a platform to provide relief for a desperate nearby nation and build collaboration between Cuba and the US.”

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2 thoughts on “US & Cuba Could Bond for Haiti

  • Obama should pledge the bonus repayments of the greedy bankers,to the relief efforts in haiti and the same applies to gordon brown in the uk,maybe then one of them will be eligible for the peace prize,now is the time for leadership in humanity after all we are all part of the global village.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t believe Geo. W. Obama has any interest in working with Cuba on anything. He apparently is interested in what past administrations have been interested in: isolating Cuba and using Cuba’s bureaucratic failures to poison the minds of US citizens against socialism.

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