US & Cuba Nautical Clubs Agreement

Photo: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS

HAVANA TIMES, June 12 — The seemingly never-ending enmity between the United States and Cuba does not stop citizens and groups from both countries from breaking the barriers erected by the politicians.

A new example of people-to-people exchange took place last week when the International Seakeepers Society of the US and the Club Náutico Internatiocional Hemingway de Cuba signed a collaboration agreement in the Cuban capital.

Commodore José Miguel Díaz Esrich for Cuba and Dean C. Klevan for the US group signed the document during the events of the 61st Ernest Hemingway Fishing Tournament which brought four US teams to Cuba and ended on Saturday.

The agreement will make possible the promotion of collaborations between the nautical communities of the US and Cuba, noted EFE, which quoted Esrich and Klevan as saying: “this unites us in a sea that separates us” as we have “identical objectives to embark on.”

A total of 21 teams competed in the Hemingway Fishing Tournament from Russia, the US, Italia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador, Guatemala, France, Great Britain and the host Cuba.