US-Cuba Policy Gets Rebuke at UN

By Circles Robinson

A slice of Havana. Photo: Ihosvanny

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 25 — For the twentieth straight year the United Nations General Assembly voted Tuesday to demand the United States cease its half-century economic blockade against Cuba.

The vote of 186-2 with three abstentions was a virtual rerun of last year’s 187-2.

Once again only Israel supported the US policy that seeks regime change in Cuba through an economic stranglehold.

Likewise, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau abstained. Libya and Sweden did not vote.

Several US administrations have routinely ignored the vote and continued on with their hostile policy towards Cuba.  No enforcement measures accompany the hand slap.

While the US touts the blockade as a way to pressure the Cuban government, various studies show the big loser in the damaged economy is the Cuban population.

Many of the governments opposing the blockade consider it an obstacle to international trade and especially criticize the Helms-Burton Act of 1996 for imposing its policy on third countries wanting to do business with the Cuban government and companies.


One thought on “US-Cuba Policy Gets Rebuke at UN

  • USA leave cuba alone how can you act against cuba for being communist and ask china a bigger communist country then cuba for money the USA is the bigest and most fake leader i ever seen, show leader ship so others can follow not saying is ok to do buisness with big communist super powers like china and attack poor communist country like cuba if you dont like communist make it even for cuba and china plus the attack on pearl harbour alone from japan has killed more americans then all cubans attack on any americans and you bombed japan with 2 nuclear bombs and you guys kissed and made everything fine between japan and you why maybe because japan has stuff to offer to USA not like cuba and we didnt find any wepons of mass destruction on iraq but we did found mass production of oil USA is only after what it can get from countrys

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