US Democratic Party Pays Homage to Cuban Dissident

HAVANA TIMES — The Democratic Party of US on Wednesday made public its official statement in support of an international homage for the deceased Cuban political opponent Oswaldo Paya, reported Europa Press

Following a meeting with European deputy Salvador Sedo, former US secretary of State Madeleine Albright commented that the National Democratic Institute and its party would support the homage planned to be held in Barcelona at the end of the year.

The possibilities were also analyzed for opening an international investigation to clarify the causes of the traffic accident in which the dissidents Paya and Harold Cepero died this past July.

6 thoughts on “US Democratic Party Pays Homage to Cuban Dissident

  • Moses, you do talk the most awful rubbish. Are you by chance a US journalist?

    The late Mr Payá was seen as a “servant” by the US (anti-)Democratic Party because they secretly and illegally bankrolled him. It’s that simple.

    He was paid from the budget of the US empire’s political interference operation aimed at regime change in Cuba, as you acknowledge.

    That makes him a covert agent of a hostile power working against his own country’s sovereignty, something that’s illegal in most countries, not just in Cuba. In particular, it is illegal in the United States.

    You find that acceptable because you are a shameless US imperialist., but your bourgeois and chauvinist loyalties to the US ruling class are not binding on others, who are free to see as reprehensible Mr Payá’s actions in selling out his country to the former colonial power seeking to overturn its independence and reimpose a client regime.

    You point out that Mr Payá had his own agenda, beyond doing the will of his US employers. So what? Servants always have interests and goals separate from those of their masters. Mr Payá, in particular, was more loyal to the Vatican despite “his cash” coming from the empire. That partly explains the difficulties (highlighted in other Wikileaked cables) experienced by Mr Payá’s US handlers in managing him and getting him to play nicely with the rest of their dissident (and mutually dissident) Cuban employees..

    All that makes Mr Payá a relatively unruly servant, but a servant none the less. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

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