US Elections Weren’t Expected to Impact Trade Policy with Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — US businesspeople participating in the Havana International Trade Fair said on Tuesday that the presidential elections in their country would not lead to major changes in trade policy with Cuba, reported EFE.

“Will there be a huge change overnight with a new administration? The answer is no,” noted William Davis, representing the company T. Parker Host. He added that during the Obama administration there were “social changes but no direct economic ones.”

For his part, the vice president of company sales for the Riceland company, Kevin McGilton, called for the lifting of the embargo and considered that “the issue of Cuba wasn’t really discussed in the campaign,” since it focused on other issues such as the domestic economy.

Meanwhile, Daniel Secondi, who represents the Perdue Old Grain Seed Company, said Bush “complicated” some issues, such as licenses for traveling to Cuba, while Obama has “relaxed” them, though “the basis for the regulation” of exports to Cuba “remained the same.”