US Halts Some Charter Flights to Cuba

Miami passenger arrivals to the Jose Martí International Airport of Havana.

HAVANA TIMES – The United States on Friday suspended some public charter flights between the US and Cuba, expanding Washington’s sanctions on air travel to the island nation, reported dpa news. 

The restriction applies to all public charter flights between to the two countries except for flights to Jose Marti International Airport in Havana.

The US will also cap the number of charter flights to Jose Marti, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, without offering specifics.

Nine Cuban airports are impacted by the decision, which will come into full affect in 60 days.

Pompeo said the US is seeking to prevent the expansion of private charter flights to Cuba after the US suspended commercial air service to Cuba’s airports – except for Havana – last year.

“In suspending public charter flights to these nine Cuban airports, the United States further impedes the Cuban regime from gaining access to hard currency from US travelers,” he said.

US President Donald Trump has sought to turn back the policy of opening relations with Cuba implemented under former president Barack Obama.

In June, the Trump administration already ruled that US citizens were no longer allowed to travel to Cuba by cruise ship and other sea vessels.

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6 thoughts on “US Halts Some Charter Flights to Cuba

  • I am convinced these actions are to court votes rather than based on ideology of any sort. #BenedictDonald needs to go in 2020, and angry Cuban-Americans need to breathe and realize that time moves on for everyone. Being stuck in a sick time warp is bad for Cubans and bad for Americans.

  • There is a picture of Celia Cruz in Guantanamo bay base picking soil from the ground in a paper cup from the soil she was born and the dictatorship never allowed her to Tavel back even to her mother’s funeral, there are millions of Cubans that are on the black list by the Cuban government that are not allowed to travel to the country they were born just for denouncing the criminal Cuban regime. Yes how lucky Americans are that in November 2020 they can VOTE in contrast with Cubans stuck in a horrible dictatorship than they never vote for.

  • Tightening The Financial Embargo against Cuba, again. It must be part of the political cycle that America’s establishment runs on all of us. I like stability and balance in my life for most certain. Vote in November, 2020.

  • Hopefully this will backfire and give MORE money to the Cuban government because Cuban Americans will need to use domestic transportation, run by the government, to get to their destinations. Not all their families live in Havana.

  • I guess more people will be traveling to Cuba through 3rd countries like Mexico or the Bahamas. Hopefully this new policy will backfire on Trump because many Cuban Americans travel to Cuba to visit their families. Many of them live in Florida where Trump really needs their votes to win.

  • Let’s face it Trump is not a fit person to manage a hotel let alone a country the mans a fucking not right.

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