US Lectures Cuba on Prisoners

HAVANA TIMES, April 6 — The Cuban government has the responsibility of caring for the island’s population, including the persons who are in prison, pointed out Philip Crowley, US Department of State spokesperson. Crowley reiterated that his country is greatly concerned about the conditions in the Caribbean nation’s prisons, reported IPS.

Meanwhile on numerous occasions Cuban officials have criticized the justice system and conditions imposed on political prisoners in the United States, including those that could be held in clandestine jails in other countries.

Cuba considers the criticism from the  US as interfering in the internal affairs of the island which Washington has attacked with an economic blockade for a half century.  On the other hand, the US government ignores all foreign criticism of its justice system and prison conditions.

One thought on “US Lectures Cuba on Prisoners

  • Americans and the American government are the biggest complainers in the whole world. They complain about just everything. It is due to their arrogance. The capitalists can not stomach Cuban Socialism. Cubans run Cuba. Butt out Uncle Sam!

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