US Makes it Harder for Cubans to Send Money Home

Por Circles Robinson

Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – The Trump administration ordered Monday a new broadside against Cuban families, further hindering remittances from the US. The candidate for reelection makes no waves about hurting ordinary Cubans when tightening the screws on the Havana government.

For decades, the US embargo has sought to get Cubans to cry uncle and rebel against their government, blaming it for hard times. It hasn’t worked. The Castros and their Communist Party have remained in power for 61 years and running.

The anti-Castro activists in Miami see the hardline as a reason to campaign for Trump. Most analysts believe that in hotly contested Florida, such is the real interest behind the sanctions. It has little to do with a commitment for democracy or any type of progress for the Cuban people.

Cuban Army businesses targeted

The Cuban company punished by the measure is American International Serivces (AIS) and takes effect on Tuesday, September 29th.  The US says AIS is under the Cuban Army, the target of numerous previous sanctions.

The Miami Herald newspaper reported: “Fincimex, the company in the military conglomerate GAESA that controls the remittance business, uses AIS, a company registered in Panama, to send remittances in dollars to the island from the United States. Clients can request a card for their relatives in Cuba and make dollar deposits through Miami-based agencies such as Cubamax and VaCuba. Relatives on the island collect the cards, and use them to buy at government dollar stores recently opened.

“Fincimex was included in the list of restricted entities in June. As a consequence, the French bank Credit Mutuel paralyzed the services to Fincimex. Dollar remittances through U.S. agencies were also temporarily suspended. But Fincimex seems to have found a banking solution because on Monday the option to request AIS cards on the Cubamax website was still available and working.”

The new blow to a large minority of Cubans comes amid the pandemic lockdown and severe shortages of basic foods. As of tomorrow, it will be harder for relatives to send money home to assure their family’s survival.

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9 thoughts on “US Makes it Harder for Cubans to Send Money Home

  • October 6, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    The longer Cubans living outside Cuba continue subsidizing Cubans with money and food, the longer it will take for Cuba to make a change. Obama said while visiting Cuba, that Cubans have the system they want. When they want something different, they will make the change. Giving an alcoholic a daily drink does not help him. It only enables him. The do gooders are only enabling Cubans from making a change from their stupid dysfunctional gov. They need another revolution. One that has meaning. 98% of the 10 1/2 million Cubans want change. They have the numbers if they have the will. If they don’t, they will have to live with the results. Stop sending food & money.

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