US Medicare Funds in Cuban Banks

HAVANA TIMES — Millions of dollars of fraudulently obtained from the US health care program for elderly, Medicare, have been channeled into the Cuban banking system, reported the AP news agency on Tuesday.

Prosecutors have traced $63 million to Cuban banks, nearly half of them linked to the case of Oscar Sanchez, a 46-year-old Cuban-American who is alleged to have fraudulently funneled money to those entities in exchange for commissions.

In the Federal District Court in Miami, prosecutors also accused Sanchez of conspiring to send money from Medicare to front-companies in Canada before passing these through a bank in Trinidad and eventually sending those funds to Cuba.

During the hearing, the request was made to seize more than $22 million in assets of Sanchez, who could receive a sentence of up to 13 years in prison if found guilty on all charges.


One thought on “US Medicare Funds in Cuban Banks

  • When a Cuban deposits more than I believe 100cuc, they have to fill out paperwork and declare under penalty of perjury where and how they received the money, does anyone really believe that the Cuban government was not aware of this embezzlement? Spare me the “holier than thou” socialist experiment new man bullsh*t. For $63 million, everyone is a capitalist!

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