US Representative to the OAS Arrives in Nicaragua for Meetings


HAVANA TIMES – The representative of the United States before the Organization of American States (OAS), Carlos Trujillo, arrived in embattled Nicaragua today to meet with the authorities in Managua, reported dpa news..

Trujillo, accompanied by a small delegation, was received at the “Sandino” international airport by the US ambassador to the country, Laura Dogu.

In a press release, the embassy indicated that Trujillo wants to “see firsthand the reality of what is happening in Nicaragua and meet with the parties involved” in the crisis.

The US official will meet with members of the Government, the opposition Civic Alliance and the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN), whose bishops are mediators in a national dialogue currently interrupted.

The meetings will be held “before the upcoming June 22nd Special Session of the Permanent Council of the OAS on Nicaragua, where the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) will present a report on their visit in May, findings and recommendations on the current crisis in Nicaragua,” said the press release. 

In the media it is speculated that Trujillo could meet with President Daniel Ortega to discuss a supposed proposal to advance to March 2019 the general elections scheduled for 2021, but the same has not been confirmed by either government.

Trujillo arrived in Managua amid violent attacks in Ticuantepe and Masaya, east of the capital, where riot police and paramilitary squads violently took down roadblocks and barricades of anti-government protesters.

In this regard, the statement said: “The United States condemns the violence and intimidation sponsored by the government in the streets this morning, we continue to support the progress of the dialogue led by the Episcopal Conference, and we urge the Government of Nicaragua to issue formal invitations, both to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union, as agreed [last Friday] in the Dialogue.”

2 thoughts on “US Representative to the OAS Arrives in Nicaragua for Meetings

  • Jose, how else can the repression be ended then, without international pressure on the Ortega government? The death total is now over 170, with thousands injured and even more arrested without trial. The paramilitaries are attacking with live bullets against youths armed with homemade ineffective mortars and rocks, and women with saucepans. How long do you want this to continue? The US is the big power in the region, the Republicans control the government, the Democrats refused to meet the Civic Alliance. What is the alternative? The European Union? Russia?

  • A Latino Republican in my country… Just what we need. The US does not need to get involved in other country’s internal affairs. Get the hell out. Note, I am opposed to the current corrupt government’s managing the current crisis. Furthermore, the current government needs to step down and the country needs to have advanced elections in order to elect a new government. If the US wants to assist in this regard, that is OK. If the US has ulterior motives, which is most likely the case the US does not need to get involved.

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