US to Keep Cuba on List of ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism’

HAVANA TIMES — State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland denied on Thursday that the US is considering taking Cuba off the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, reported dpa.

“There are no plans to remove Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism,” she said. “When we did our last review in 2012, we saw no reason to remove it. We will revisit it this year, but — as I said — there’s no plans at the moment,” she said.

The Boston Globe had claimed that high-level U.S. diplomats “have concluded” that Cuba should be removed from the list.

Former US President Jimmy Carter has said Cuba’s role as guarantor of the peace process between the FARC and the Colombian government should be a reason for taking the island off the “black list,” on which is also found Iran, Sudan and Syria.

One thought on “US to Keep Cuba on List of ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism’

  • Birds of a feather…

    Of those three states on the list, both Iran and Syria have warm relations with Cuba which has recently hosted visits by senior members of those countries. What could be the basis of those relationships?
    Some 70,000 Syrians have been killed in two years if fighting, with Iran directly aiding the ruthless Assad regime. Yet still Cuba stands in solidarity with them. Why?

    If Cuba wants to get off the list, they could help by distancing themselves from those two vile regimes.

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