US to Suspend Private Charter Flights to Cuba

Terminal 2 of the Havana International Airport. File photo.

HAVANA TIMES – The US government on Thursday said it is suspending most private charter flights between the United States and Cuba to ramp up economic pressure on the island nation, reported dpa news.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he asked the Department of Transportation to halt private charter flights to all Cuban airports.

“This Administration will continue to target and cut the revenue the Cuban government earns from landing fees, stays in regime-owned hotels, and other travel-related income,” Pompeo said in a statement.

He added that the move would “deny economic resources” to Cuba’s government, “inhibit its capacity to carry out abuses” and hinder support for the “de facto dictatorship in Venezuela.”

Pompeo said authorized public charter flights to and from Havana and private charter flights for emergency medical purposes, search and rescue, and some travel deemed in the interest of the US would be exempted.

Last October, Washington barred regularly scheduled commercial flights to all Cuban airports except Havana. In January, the US suspended all public charter flights to Cuba, except Havana.

US President Donald Trump has sought to turn back the policy of opening relations with Cuba implemented under former president Barack Obama.

The sanctions are in part geared to make any foreign investors uneasy about doing business with the Island’s military, which controls the lion’s share of the tourism industry and the domestic retail economy.

5 thoughts on “US to Suspend Private Charter Flights to Cuba

  • By the tone of his comments, Nick seems to be more anti-US than pro-Cuba. Of course this is perfectly fine, but there are better venues to rant and rave against US policy.

  • Nick fails to note that the difference in the “moral high ground” between the US and Cuba, is that the US has open elections.
    In Cuba – irrespective of the “Same timeworn old bullsh*t ” irrespective of decade, no such open elections are held.
    In Cuba, it is the Castro butt that is kissed by the 7% Party faithful.

  • The usual BS from the usual US Bull Sh*t stream.
    Get yerselves an independent judiciary, then come tell the world that you believe in democracy…..
    Until that comes to pass, then forget about the false claims to moral high ground.
    For the time being it’s just plain old sour grapes.
    Cuba doesn’t kiss US butt – there is an election coming up so the US incumbent is being spoilt brat angry.
    Same timeworn old bullsh*t – different decade………….

  • I see this action as no more than Republican election season PR, reminding the old hard liners that the current administration is still “tough on Cuba”.

    Cuban airports have been closed since March with no hope for immediate reopening. Flights such as this were very rare even before that. Realistically, this action is meaningless other than the press it is garnering. .

  • Americans can continue to travel to Cuba through third-party countries. This suspension is no big deal.

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