Van Van with Juanes at Cuba Concert

HAVANA TIMES, August 19 – With the upcoming Juanes Peace Concert in Havana just under a month away, Juan Formell, director of the famous Van Van salsa orchestra, said his popular dance band was invited to perform at the event.

The concert will be held at the sprawling Plaza of the Revolution on September 20th with several hundred thousand Cubans and many foreign visitors expected to attend.

Formell said he believes the international prestige of the island is what made the Colombian artist select Cuba for his concert, reported IPS.

In South Florida, conservative Cuban-American exile groups strongly oppose any cultural exchange with Cuba.  For more on the concert and the controversy that has arisen read: Juanes Cuba Concert Stirs Miami Pot.

2 thoughts on “Van Van with Juanes at Cuba Concert

  • I am an American born female. I cannot understand the American Cubans. Yes, they suffered plenty but if someone want to have a peace concert what is wrong with that and if the people in Cuba will benefit from it that is the best thing that can happen to them and for them. Can you visualize the Holocaust Survivors threatening someone as kind and decent as Juanes is who wants to have a Peace Concert for them. I wish I could see him at one of his concerts and dance to his songs even tho I am not fluent in the beautiful Spanish language. I think angry Cubans should take a nice swim in the ocean and get there anger out. Leave Juanes and everyone else who desires Peace alone.



  • I should like to wish the Juanes Peace concert every success despite it’s opponents, I only wish I could be there to witness it first hand.

    GOOD LUCK to all concerned,


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