Venezuela: Maduro Transfers Important Powers to his VP

Nicolas Maduro (r) y Tareck El Aissami, president and VP of Venezuela. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has transferred 15 of his powers to vice president Tareck El Aissami, including the ordering of expropriations and the promulgation of decrees authorized by the executive, reported dpa news on Monday.

The decision was formalized in the Official Gazette, which publishes governmental measures. According to the norm, El Aissami was authorized to carry out budget transfers between ministries, to rectify ministerial budgets, to designate deputy ministers, to issue expropriation decrees and decrees previously authorized by the Executive, among others.

The presidential decree indicates that the new powers of El Aissami seek “to achieve the greatest political efficiency, in the refounding of the Venezuelan nation”.

The vice-president may issue decrees previously authorized by the president and approved in the council of ministers, indicates the official text.

Likewise, he may approve, defer or deny ministerial proposals to request hard currency related to public sector operations before the Central Bank of Venezuela.

El Aissami may also issue decrees to exempt income tax on wealth generated in strategic sectors or from special development projects.

The position of vice president in Venezuela is directly appointed by the president.  The VP usually takes on bureaucratic activities of the executive.

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