Venezuela Suffers New Massive Power Cut

Fourteen states lost power in Venezuela on Monday afternoon, including Caracas. Photograph: Matias Delacroix/AFP/Getty Images

HAVANA TIMES  – Venezuela on Monday experienced a massive power cut affecting all of its states, the non-governmental organization Netblocks said, reported dpa news.

The blackout sent 94 per cent of the country’s telecommunications infrastructure offline, according to Netblocks.

The power cut followed a string of similar outages which brought much of the country to a partial standstill several times earlier this year.

President Nicolas Maduro blames the outages on sabotage by the United States and the opposition, while opposition leader Juan Guaido attributes them to corruption and mismanagement.

“They tried to hide the tragedy by rationing [electricity] in the entire country, but the failure is evident: they have destroyed the electrical system and have no answers,” Guaido tweeted on Monday.

There was no immediate comment from the government.

2 thoughts on “Venezuela Suffers New Massive Power Cut

  • Um, there is currenty a U.S. embargo of Venezuela & a freezing of their bank accounts, btw.

  • Venezuela is becoming dis-functional state despite having the largest oil reserves in the world. The reason is simple, first Hugo Chavez and then Maduro adhered to the economic policies expounded by Fidel Castro. Communist adherents and fellow travelers will endeavor to blame others, but the responsibility lies directly upon Chavezismo.
    It is merely a question of time before Maduro hops on a plane to become a permanent resident of Cuba where Diaz-Canel will hold his hand and sympathize – and maybe even get a glance at his own future?

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