Venezuelan-built ‘Petrocasa’ Homes Survive Hurricane in Eastern Cuba

“Petrocasas” from Venezuela did not suffer damage. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — One hundred “petrocasa” houses constructed in Santiago de Cuba, proved their capacity to take a hit when they were pummeled last week by Hurricane Sandy.  These units — the product of cooperation efforts between Venezuela and Cuba — were standing firm, reported the national press.

Meanwhile, more than 130,000 other housing units in Santiago Province were damaged or destroyed.

The laminate used on the exteriors and the interiors of the petrocasa structures is created with the help of PVC materials produced by the petrochemical industry in Venezuela.

Their strength comes from forms made of concrete and other materials. These give the structures a hardness that allows them to face the battering of hurricanes and other weather events with no negative effects.

The roofs are made from very light-weighing metallic tiles that form gable roofs.

President Raul Castro visited Santiago on Monday to review the damage caused by the hurricane and to give instructions about how to confront the disaster.

Concerning the passing of Hurricane Sandy through the province, Raul Castro said: “It has been hard, but Santiago is Santiago, it has resisted gales and wars of all type. It will also overcome this. It’s necessary to stand firm!”