Venezuelan Gov. Announces Plan to Control the Food Supply

For several months there have been long lines for basic food and hygiene products.

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan government authorities met on Monday afternoon to go over the country’s so-called “comprehensive supply plan,” the Pulsar news agency reported.

The plan is aimed at guaranteeing the distribution of essential products, currently facing severe shortages.

According to recent statements by President Nicolas Maduro, the plan, which also involves the military, was developed and presented by General Nestor Reverol Torres, from the Bolivarian National Guard.

The special government meeting was held at the Miraflores government headquarters and saw the participation of officials and military personnel from different Venezuelan states.

Maduro stated that the aim of the Comprehensive Supply Plan is to have Venezuela win the “production battle”, the battle to clean up the country’s marketing mechanisms, so as to “guarantee a supply of products for our people.”

The Venezuelan president explained that the Comprehensive Supply Plan is “a task of high strategic importance” for the stability of the country.

According to government authorities, the distribution, supply and prices of all of Venezuela’s products and services must be urgently brought under control.

This way, Maduro’s government hopes to address the current food supply crisis.

According to the government, the crisis has been brought about by right-wing sectors, accused of hoarding essential food items.

3 thoughts on “Venezuelan Gov. Announces Plan to Control the Food Supply

  • These people are all about control. Scarcity and rationing gives them more. At some point the people will say, enough.

  • How does a country this wealthy be run by such incompetence.

  • Doesn’t it occur to these clowns to direct their efforts to increasing supply and production rather than focusing on rationing. Make it easier for food importers to make deals and help Venezuelan food producers to lower costs. More government controls can only help to worsen the situation, not improve it.

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