Venezuelan Opposition March Clashes with Police in Caracas

Opposition protesters clash with police blocking their march in Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday, March 10, 2020.  Photo: Ariana Cubillos / AP

HAVANA TIMES – Violence broke out in Venezuela’s capital Caracas on Tuesday as a demonstration led by self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido clashed with security forces and government supporters trying to keep them from reaching the National Assembly, reported dpa news.

Police blocked the demonstrators from reaching the building. Tear gas was also fired.

The demonstrators were trying to reach a rally of government supporters in the city centre.

Guaido declared himself to be president in 2019, arguing that an election that put Nicolas Maduro back in power was flawed, meaning power fell to Guaido as president of the National Assembly. Although his claim has been recognized by many foreign governments, Maduro remains in effective power.

Once Guaido and his followers realized they could not get any further, they started a “spontaneous meeting” of the legislature in another part of Caracas.

“We can change this country,” Guaido told his supporters.

Guaido has long accused Maduro of leading Venezuela to economic ruin with his economic policies and stifling of democracy. Venezuela has major oil reserves, yet suffers from massive inflation and lack of many basic supplies.

Similar demonstrations occurred across the country. Guaido said he plans another demonstration for Thursday. He wants to take back control of the National Assembly, which has been under the control of legislators loyal to Maduro ever since a segment of Guaido’s faction broke with him and decided to back Maduro.

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