Venezuela’s Maduro Announces “Socialist Offensive” For 2015

Nicolas Maduro. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Monday that he plans on launching a “powerful socialist offensive” at the beginning of 2015, aimed at ending the “economic war waged against the country by unpatriotic oligarchs,” DPA reported.

Maduro said he will bring about a “change in direction” to impel “a revolution within the revolution,” and that he will lead a socialist offensive “in all political spheres.”

“We must pursue the construction of the new State more vigorously – we are talking about Comandante Hugo Chavez’ demand that we lead a revolution within the revolution to replace the old, bourgeois State with a people’s State,” he said.

During a function attended by the leaders of the political parties that support his administration, Maduro availed himself of the occasion to commemorate Chavez’s last proclamation, which called on the country to vote for Maduro in the event he did not survive his third cancer operation in 2012.

Maduro said that, at the beginning of 2015, he will set in motion an offensive, “perfect in every way,” to consolidate the Bolivarian Revolution – a revolution that will “last forever”, he added.

“It will be a social offensive aimed at protecting our social initiatives and the rights of the people,” he said, acknowledging the country would face difficulties because of the drop in oil prices.

He pointed out that the price of oil had dropped to US $ 60.65 the barrel, and that this downward trend had been prompted by the “polluting” crude the United States obtains through the method known as “fracking.”

He also said Venezuela faces a “financial blockade” that prevents it from accessing foreign financing, “needed to make up for the deficit in oil revenues.”

“We are planning the hard currency budget for 2015 as much as we can. However, now, the risk indicators for Venezuela are high, higher than countries that are at war or where Ebola is spreading. We have twice the risk they have. Is it because of natural factors? It is a political maneuver aimed at blocking access to credit”, he affirmed.

Maduro declared that the “economic war” allegedly launched by the oligarchy and the Right seeks to bring about a “famine” in the country, but that its effects have in part been neutralized by government actions.

“There are people conspiring from within. I am sure that, when this constitutional and democratic offensive is launched, the bourgeois will immediately come out and play the victim in front of the world, saying “Maduro’s dictatorship” is after them,” he affirmed.

The president said that no foreign pressure will keep justice from going after the “fascists who killed men and women” during the protests against his government in February and May that left 43 dead and hundreds of wounded.

“There you have the murderers, playing the victims. Let us not cave in under the pressure. I say to you: no amount of pressure in this world will keep justice from going after the fascists who killed men and women,” Maduro stated.

6 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Maduro Announces “Socialist Offensive” For 2015

  • What kind of a “revolution” is taking place in the Caribbean? One the jail opponents, rations food, steal from the country for their personal gain, and then, they blame capitalism and the US. They always need to blame the US after they have destroyed their countrie’s economy.

    Take note:
    1. Venezuela DOES NOT have an embargo.
    2. Venezuela it is the country with the biggest oil reserves in the world.
    3. Venezuela is now IMPORTING oil.

    After 16 years of “Socialist Revolution” we confirm that Socialism/communism DO NOT WORK. Only the incentive of personal capitalism will stimulate any individual to strive in his job.

    If socialism is restricting my liberties, my income, and now my food, I prefer capitalism they way it was 16 years ago.

    Cuba and Venezuela are lead by cold blooded murderers and theifs. They have not stolen from you, yet? They took all our private property and gave them to the general of the town and their families. Take from the rich, keep it for our families and friends! Quite a revolution… Enough said.

  • Myron Gaines should move to Venezuela or Cuba. Why are you NOT living your dream revolution? Ahhh, you like money, air condition, rolex and hummers, right? You love a revolution, but from the capitalists side….

  • Ever since the rule of Hugo Chavez and the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution there have been attempts by elements within Venezuela to destabilize the the country and take it off of its new course. These elements are aided by foreign interests, both through the demonstrated misrepresentation of events in Venezuela to an international audience and through more covert forms of assistance coming from other nation’s intelligence agencies.

    Just look at history and it will reveal the pattern. The 2002 attempted coup against the Venezuelan government is the textbook example of this collusion between Venezuelan and foreign anti-Bolivarian interests. These forces agitate and openly conflict with the government at times when they feel that the state is vulnerable, but time and time again the people have reaffirmed their faith in the new Venezuela by demonstrating support for the Bolivarian revolution not only at the ballot box but through popular action to resist the instigation at the hands of conspirators, just as they had done to bring back Chavez when he was unjustly deposed in the 2002 coup attempt.

    I knew that when Chavez died and Maduro rose to power, certain elements within the country would see this as their invitation to instigate unrest. I am pleased to see that Maduro was able to defend against these attacks and that he recognizes the need to consolidate the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution and to prevent this cycle of instigated unrest and attempted coups. Chavez would be proud.

  • Venezuela is not facing a financial blockade. They do have to pay high rates for their loans because they have faulted on previous debt obligations.

    And those “unpatriotic oligarchs” he mentioned, the ones who have been getting very wealthy during his & Chavez’s years of misrule: they are their biggest supporters. Maduro’s insane economic policies have impoverished Venezuela and enriched his cronies.

  • This would be funny, if people weren’t going to suffer.

  • He’s kidding right? Venezuela has 60+ % inflation, shortages of basic foodstuffs, one of the highest murder rates in the world, and Maduro himself, in a recent poll, has a popularity rating in the low 20s. NOW he want to mount a socialist offensive? If things keeps going the way they are headed, he will be lucky to get out alive.

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