Venezuela’s Maduro Makes Lightening Visit to Fidel Castro

Nicolas Maduro during another visit with Fidel Castro in Havana back in July 2013. File Photo: Estudios Revolución

HAVANA TIMES — In difficult or decisive moments of his administration, former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez would visit his mentor Fidel Castro. History appears to repeat itself with his hand-picked successor Nicolas Maduro, who made an unannounced trip to Havana to meet with the Cuban leader on Tuesday February 17.

Maduro also met with the current Cuban president Raul Castro, reported the official Cubadebate website on Thursday.

“I was in Cuba (…) I took advantage of it being Carnival Tuesday and visited Commander Fidel Castro Ruz, who sent his greetings to the people of Venezuela,” said Maduro Thursday night on television.

Without mentioning if they talked about the economic crisis or shortages of basic products facing Venezuela, or his accusation this week that the United States and the Venezuelan opposition were planning a coup, Maduro said: “We talked about the world, about peace, about climate changes; we conversed on many topics.”

11 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Maduro Makes Lightening Visit to Fidel Castro

  • Here you go again. “legitimate media” As if the media in the USA is not controlled by a few.

  • There has been a coup, not just an attempt, against the elected mayor of Caracas. I have absolutely no doubts that Maduro is totally scared of free and fair elections where the opposition would have equal access to television and other media.Therefore the dirty tricks. When did the elected mayor of Caracas last get a slot on Telesur to put forward his point of view?

  • Batista propaganda machine? He’s been gone these past 55+ years. It’s all you have to hang your gat in isn’t it. And you need to drag out his skeletal remains to distract from the disaster that is 21st century Cuba

  • Really? There has been evidence of the coup reported in the legitimate media? I missed it. Send the link please. While you are it, send the link that proves that the US caused Chavez’ cancer and the one that connects the US to the current shortages. Just for giggles, does a little bird with Chavez’ spirit talk to you too?

  • WTF? Present tense please. Everything you wrote may or may not be true but it has nothing to do with the current devaluation of the Bolivar. That problem rest squarely Chavez and his muppet Maduro’s shoulders. But for chuckles, connect the dots between the tyrant Batista (whom I have never said I supported) and the nearly 80% inflation in Venezuela today.

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