Visually impaired learn computing in specialized classrooms

HAVANA TIMES, July 23 — Cuba has 12 specialized classrooms to teach computing to the visually impaired as part of the social projects to benefit those persons. The means, equipped with screen readers that allow the impaired to learn different texts and the functioning of the computers, were donated by Spain’s National Organization for the Blind and Belgium’s Handicap NGO, reported IPS.

One thought on “Visually impaired learn computing in specialized classrooms

  • Socialist countries ought to be able to outdo capitalist ones in this sort of endeavor. The only factor that most continually skews this type of situation — and which capitalists always troll for propaganda purposes — is that the resources/money just haven’t been there, for the most part. So let’s hope in future that the ALBA countries will become a World center of computer-assisted learning of every sort. Even military.

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