What Havana Residents Can Get this Week on their Ration Booklets

A neighborhood “bodega” store where rationed products are sold. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — Here is the list of the “protein products” available to Havana residents with their ration booklet for the week of January 27-31.   It also includes a preview of some food items that will be available in February.

Chicken: (one pound for consumers over 14 and also for those persons under doctor’s orders). Distribution concludes in the municipalites of La Lisa, Centro Habana and San Miguel. Distribution in Habana del Este, Boyeros and Marianao.

Mortadela: (one pound for children between 0 and 13 years). Distribution in Plaza, Playa and Centro Habana.

Mortadela: A half pound for all consumers. Distribution concludes in Marianao And Guanabacoa. Distribution in Cerro, Diez de Octubre, San Miguel and Arroyo Naranjo.

Eggs: Five per consumer and extra for those under doctor’s orders). Distribution ends in Arroyo Naranjo, La Lisa, and Cerro. Distribution in Cotorro, Plaza, Regla, Habana Vieja, Centro Habana and San Miguel.

In February the neighborhood bodega stores will be supplying the following rationed products for Havana residents: 

Rice: 7 lbs / Beans: 10 ounces / Refined sugar: 3 pounds / Brown sugar 1 pound / oil: a half pound / preserves: 13 portions / Coffee: 4 ounces for consumers over 7 years old.

Note: Coppelia dairy products informs that the municipalities of Arroy Naranjo, Cotorro, Guanabacoa, La Lisa, San Miguel del Padrón, Cerro and Regla will receive their whole and skim milk allotments for medical prescriptions; the rest of the municipalities will be concluding distribution of milk formula.

Havana’s Empresa Provincial de Comercio

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  • Just got back from Cuba where we delivered medicine to the 1200 Jews left on the island.We weren’t told about the contents of this article but we did know it was tough for the Cubans.

  • venezuela moving this way under the bolivarian revolution. que tristeza.

  • and this is a revolution?
    and something to celebrate?
    how sad for the cuban people that they must live under this type of system

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