Where the Obama’s had Dinner on their First Night in Cuba

Table at the San Cristobal private restaurant in Centro Habana.
Table at the San Cristobal private restaurant in Central Havana.

HAVANA TIMES — President Barack Obama had dinner Sunday evening with his family in a “paladar”  (private restaurant) in Havana, one of the small business owners that have begun to flourish in recent years on the socialist island, reported dpa news.

The restaurant chosen by the Obamas for their first dinner on the island is called “San Cristobal” and is located in Central Havana, a neighborhood of narrow streets and colonial buildings, some of them badly damaged.

Many onlookers lined the streets to watch the US presidential family and their group’s arrival.

The restaurant specializes in Cuban food with Spanish elements and caters mainly to tourists and foreign visitors as the prices are too high for most locals.

The “paladar” is one of the highest rated in Havana. Like other private restaurants, the local has been installed in a private home.

The old house with spacious courtyards and high ceilings has a unique decor with religious elements on the walls and antique furniture from the colonial era.

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  • Although I didn’t drink the tap water, during my last visit (late Sept.-early Nov.) some of the veggies or fruit must have been rinsed in tap water, resulting in me loosing 7 lbs. If you need to lose weight, this is the right “elixir!” By the end of my trip, I was afraid to eat!

  • “Get a life”? What are you doing here?

  • The US has a population of 300+ million souls. The fact that modern technical allows us to provide fresh produce, including seafood, thousands of miles away from any body of water is one of our modern miracles. Cuba by comparison has difficulty providing fresh seafood even when surrounded by water. Some areas of the Cuban interior see no seafood at all! ….Chicken anyone?

  • It’s an island with great fresh seafood unlike the processed, frozen “freshness” of the United States

  • Hi Allan, try Flint!! or invite them to Baltimore, Sanford, Oakland, Miami Gardens and see how long will it take to be shot dead?

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