Why Are So Many Young Cubans Leaving

HAVANA TIMES, May 9 — While Cuban leaders repeatedly state that the continuation of the Revolution is guaranteed, many of the country’s professional young people in their 20s and 30s see their future leaving for greener pastures abroad.

England’s Sunday Observer runs a feature today on the subject.

The report cites slow-to-come promised changes under the administration of Raul Castro —after initial optimism— especially on economic policy as a major reason.

See the full feature article.

2 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Young Cubans Leaving

  • The blockade against Cuba has been intended 2 produce exactly this sort of result; but more generally in the “3rd World” 2: the same logic & process has been all about the systematic appropriation of natural & human resources from those who cannot maintain their sovereignty against imperialist predation. However, this entire process of colonialism & neo-colonialism has been predicated upon the premise *that imperialism would not B falling apart at the seams*. & so — things change; & so it is wrong 2 simply despair, as most of the writers on HT seem 2: apparently reflecting a widespread sentiment on the island amongst those who R not whole-heartedly committed 2 a struggling & desperately poor Revolution.

    But as we can C with the inexorable descent of World imperialism into the Hell of capitalist crisis & war: things do indeed change. Very much so, often — if not always 4 the better. Yet change things must. It’s inevitable. & people should have some faith in socialism.

  • Rory Caroll’s article is plain awful. I mean, who can take “Caribbean North Korea” seriously? At least most Guardian readers can recognize the farce, as we can see in the comments section.

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