Workers Protest Florida’s Latest Anti-Immigrant Law Targeting Farm Laborers

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Thousands of immigrant workers walked off their jobs across Florida Thursday to protest a draconian anti-immigration bill signed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis that’s set to take effect in July. The new law imposes harsh penalties on certain employers who don’t check their workers’ immigration status, among other measures. In Immokalee, farmworkers and their families led a march denouncing DeSantis as part of nationwide protests dubbed “A Day Without Immigrants.” This is an undocumented farmworker who kept her identity concealed as she spoke at the protest.

Farmworker: “I ask the governor to have, above all, a conscience. All the vegetables and food that arrive at your table go through the hands of an immigrant. And that is all I can say. As mothers, as women, we are honest people who only come to fight for a better future for our family.”

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