Yoani Sanchez to Visit US on Multi-Nation Tour

Yoani Sanchez will take her opposition to the Cuban government on a multi-nation tour.
Yoani Sanchez will take her opposition to the Cuban government on a multi-nation tour. Photo Kelly Knaub/HT

HAVANA TIMES — Opposition blogger Yoani Sanchez will travel to US on March 14 to participate in a symposium on digital culture and public life in Cuba, reported the Café Fuerte website on Tuesday.

The event, titled “The Revolution Recodified: Digital Culture and the Public Sphere in Cuba,” will be held between March 15 and 17 in New York City.

The event is being sponsored by the New School’s Academic Events Fund, New York University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy.

Sanchez will be arriving from Mexico and will participate in a press conference at NYU on March 15. Later she will give the keynote address at the symposium.

Although her final itinerary has yet to be set, it’s reported that the dissident plans to visit the offices of Google and The New York Times.

Sanchez has said her multi-nation tour would most likely begin with a flight this coming Sunday to Bahia, Brazil for the presentation of documentary film in which she is one of the key persons interviewed.

3 thoughts on “Yoani Sanchez to Visit US on Multi-Nation Tour

  • The way you write your comment reads a lot like the way the Cuban MININT trolls write who search the internet looking for anti-regime posts and comments. But for giggles, I will respond to your ignorant comment and tell you that I am well-informed. Cubans are NOT happier than Americans or Europeans, esecially at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Neither are Cubans freer. Just try walking down Obispo street in Havana with a sign that reads ‘Abaja Fidel!’. We could debate who is paid by the CIA, what constitutes payment, and most importantly, what does it matter? Even if the CIA writes their speeches, they are the ones who choose to speak out against their lack of basic human rights. Therefore, Robin, or Alexi, or Roberto, or Yoandry (whatever your real name is!) THEY ARE DISSIDENTS! By the way, during the worst of the financial crisis in the US in the summer of 2009, never more than .5% of US homeowners actually lost their homes to foreclosure. Only a small percentage of that unfortunate few were left ‘homeless in the streets’. Housing has since began to recover and prices are moving back up. How many homes are falling down each week in Havana? And it is only getting worse. Pleeeeease!

  • lol, let the cuban people take care of its own freedom, as they’re certainly much more free than we are, and definitely happier, living in a society that don’t allow the people to be left out like in the USA or in Europe where thousands actually have lost their homes and sleep on the streets !!
    “Yoani sanchez and the ladies in white”, inform yourself about them before you talk about those so called “dissidents” 100% financed by the CIA !!

  • This is exciting news for Sra. Sanchez and for the cause of freedom for the Cuban people. Sra. Sanchez will be able to give voice for the millions of Cubans who cannot speak for themselves. Slighty off topic: Berta Soler, the leader of the Ladies in White, was just arrested in Havana, along with 30 other women, some of whom have been beaten and threatened with guns, as they made their way to a celebration of their late former leader and founder Laura Pollan.

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