Ortega Releases 50 Political Prisoners under His Self Amnesty Law

The political prisoners Chester Membreno and Hansel Vasquez with their family members after being released on the morning of June 10th. Photo: Courtesy

Among the ex-prisoners are Chester Membreño, Victoria Obando, Hansel Vasquez, Marlon Powell and Gabriel Potoy

By Confidencial 

HAVANA TIMES – Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continued the release of their political prisoners on the morning of this Monday, June 10, some now under their self-Amnesty Law imposed with a rubber stamp from the National Assembly on Saturday, June 8.

Relatives of political prisoners have confirmed the release of 50 political prisoners, including some prominent participants in local protests or university leaders. However, the main leaders and emblematic personalities of the April Rebellion continue in the prisons of the dictatorship.

The following is today’s list of released prisoners issued by the Ministry of Interior. 

  1. Emmanuel Antonio Dávila Largaespada, cédula 001-261196-0039R.
  2. Alejandro Moisés Arauz Cáceres, cédula 001-200995-0059S.
  3. Hanssel Manuel Vásquez Ruiz, cédula 041-290292-0002X.
  4. Juan Ramón Mena Galarza, cédula 122-180992-0002W.
  5. Luis Manuel Hernández Fuentes, no registra cédula.
  6. Jaime Enrique Navarrete Blandón, cédula 001-310783-0058S.
  7. Juan Carlos Baquedano, cédula 241-310857-0000B.
  8. Jefferson Alexander Barboza Pérez, cédula 001-090398-1015C.
  9. Jonathan Andrés Lacayo de, cédula 001-091194-0009H.
  10. Justino Antonio Jarquín, cédula 001-220996-0013R.
  11. Víctor Manuel Obando Valverde, cédula 601-050391-0000N.
  12. Francisco Javier Hernández Morales, cédula 001-250284-0054M.
  13. David Hernández López, cédula 453-120985-0000B.
  14. Luis Avinel Halsall Fernández, cédula 601-101275-0005A
  15. Jonathan Rodolfo Soza Marín, cédula 001-011201-1013T.
  16. Álvaro Ernesto Hernández, cédula 001-201284-0065D.
  17. Ariel Geovanny Maltez, no registra cédula.
  18. Fabio Rafael Picado Castillo, no registra cédula
  19. Fernando José Ortega Alonso, cédula 001-110299-0005W.
  20. Jean Carlos Solís Romero, cédula 001-090497-0033W.
  21. Jefferson Audiel Maltes, no registra cédula.
  22. Juan José López Oporta, cédula 001-270297-0007U.
  23. Max Alfredo Silva Rivas, cédula 001-121092-0046J.
  24. Michael Enrique Peña, cédula 001-280295-0036P.
  25. Rommel Fabián Guillen, cédula 001-150298-1022R.
  26. Karla Vanessa Matus Méndez, de, cédula 001-070398-1021E,
  27. Ricardo Antonio Pavón Cárdenas, cédula 401-200983-0001B
  28. Wilmer Antonio Useda Brenes, cédula 401-270585-0000D,
  29. Javier Francisco Cerda Pavón, cédula 401-030589-0000E
  30. Andy Geovanny Tapia Solórzano, cédula 401-040491-0001Q
  31. Julio Cesar Morales Jarquín, cédula 001-150177-0034A,
  32. Darwin Eliecer Pavón López, no registra cédula
  33. Bismarck Antonio López Sánchez, cédula 401-030684-0001P
  34. José de Jesús López Sánchez, alias, cédula 401-060581-0006N
  35. Ariel Geovanny Flores, cédula 401-110692-0001N,
  36. Roger Antonio Gutiérrez Díaz, no registra cédula,
  37. José Santos Sánchez Rodríguez, no registra cédula
  38. Douglas Antonio Baltodano Pérez, cédula 401-091279-0011E
  39. Marlon Gerónimo Sánchez, cédula 401-300968-0001E
  40. Humberto de Jesús Pérez Cabrera, cédula 001-150863-0098R
  41. Felipe Santiago Vásquez Hondoy, cédula 401-010568-0016G
  42. Chester Iván Membreño Palacios, cédula 401-290990-0004L.
  43. Carlos Alberto Vanegas Gómez, no registra cédula.
  44. Gabriel Leónidas Putoy Cano, cédula 401-170477-0007B.
  45. Marlon José Fonseca Román cédula 041-290292-0002X.
  46. Erick Antonio Robleto Rivera cédula 616-150189-0001V.
  47. Helder Rafael Calero Palma, cédula 041-201084-0004C.
  48. Santo Julián Morales Calero, cédula 162-170284-0003P.
  49. Fiederich Odaryl Mena Amador, cédula 121-171293-0003S.
  50. Leonel Iván Lezama Hernández, cédula 281-190295-0012N

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