A Cry for Cuba’s San Isidro Movement (Video)

By Nonardo Perea

HAVANA TIMES – I made this video as part of my Vulgarly Classic Series. I’m sending it out quickly, turning a blind eye to its imperfections. But I don’t care; the important thing is it was made from my pain, and carrying a deep sadness that affects me as a creator and a human being.

I can’t feel good emotionally while I know that my friends from the San Isidro Movement are on a hunger strike. With this action, they demand the release of a rebellious young singer Denis Solis. The Diaz Canel government sentenced him to 8 months in prison for “contempt.”

The international press hasn’t covered this news, which could trigger the worst. Nor has there been much of a reaction from other people here in Havana. Perhaps they are unaware of what is happening, or maybe they fear future reprisals. But the truth is that after several days no one has taken to the streets to protest.

I think they’ll just let the hunger strikers die, because for the Cuban government, the San Isidro Movement is uncomfortable. Founded in 2018, it began by protesting a law that criminalizes independent artistic expression. With time, more independent artists joined, who are not accepted by the island’s political system.

I hold the government and President Díaz Canel responsible for the lives of all the people currently within the San Isidro Movement’s headquarters. The government will be the only ones to blame for what may happen.

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