A Cuban’s Take on Kim’s Nuclear Threats

Vincent Morin Aguado

Kim Jong-un. Photo/archivo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES — In Cuba, when you do something completely out of place, with no justification, and erratically, we simply say “te has cagado” (you screwed up).

It was enough to listen to the assessment of Walter Martinez of “Tele-Chavez-Venezuela” (as I call Telesur). The journalist spun his words trying to soften the deserved rebuke of the brass in Pyongyang. Once again the North Koreans are in a fighting mood, and this time posing a danger to humanity.

It’s shameful that a television project [Telesur] of such standing is losing itself to superficial and local issues, when thinking of its continental vantage point. When alive, even Chavez reproached them, but these small time people have ended up being more Catholic than the Pope.

Martinez didn’t know exactly what to justify before the faces of those subjects of the latest Kim, screaming wildly his call to war, to holocaust, while his people are experiencing a real famine, overlooked by the leftist press, which should have been calling for sanity.

Fidel Castro was fairly balanced in his words, after 86 years of life and intense struggle, he couldn’t say less or more, like in a street brawl, stroking his friend, without recognizing the right of the other contender, but realizing the consequences:

“If war breaks out there, people on both sides of the peninsula will be sacrificed terribly, with no benefit to any of them.”

Fidel reminded them that we’re good friends, supporting their tiresome moves I would say, not Fidel, who warned: “Now that North Korea has demonstrated its technical and scientific progress, we remind it of its duties to the countries that have been its good friends. It would be unfair to forget that such a war would affect more than 70 percent of the world’s population.”

These words are rarely taken into account in Cuban slang, tempered by rudeness, where it seems that North Korea is challenging the USA and the US government is trembling over the tough guy in the corner.

Simply, anyone equipped with common sense knows that Korea would disappear from the face of the earth without anything serious happening to the Americans, except the sad memory of another nuclear bombing a half century since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Obviously I don’t want to see this holocaust. In my opinion it’s better to eliminate nuclear weapons worldwide, all states. If that were to happen, according to current reality, Japan, South Korea and the United States would keep the dictators from the north at bay, but avoiding the terrible flash of atomic weapons.

The point is that the North Koreans should put its technological development at the service of education, culture, food and especially the freedom demanded by its people in silence, just as much as it cries out about the possibility of a suicidal nuclear attack, which would be impossible to avoid for the masses of this brave little country.

It is a terrible dilemma before history. I join, in my way, the proclamation asking for maximum serenity from President Obama, but I would especially like the latest leader of the Kim’s to understand how beneficial it would be to feed his people and forget about nuclear weapons.




5 thoughts on “A Cuban’s Take on Kim’s Nuclear Threats

  • On whatever side of the ideological divide we may be , there are irrefutable facts that demonstrate that this man-made crisis and others, which have caused indescribable death, destruction and suffering since time immemorial, are fueled by those who presume they are holders of divine, racial, financial or political superiority over others.

    How can anyone who is concerned with the ongoing risk of thermonuclear war on the Korean peninsula and beyond, ignore that after 60 years of a war of choice imposed by the US Military Industrial Complex on the Korean people, Viet Nam, Irak, Afghanistan, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Chile, Iran etc., all of which we were warned by president Eisenhower?

    If anyone was interested in peace, could that not be achieved in Korea in 60 years of fear, strife and threats?

    Why and under what legal authority, do we continue to impose draconian, stifling UN, one-sided resolutions, that increase the pain, suffering and hunger of their people, for having long range rockets, nuclear research, attempting or developing a nuclear bomb, all of which, Pakistan, China, England, US, France, Israel, India have done without any adverse consequence?

    What can any reasonable individual assume and do, when the most aggressive military force on earth, who have attacked his country repeatedly, who have dropped an A bomb in his neighborhood, is now holding military exercises thousands of miles from their bases, a few miles off their shores?

    Can anyone one assume, that North Koreans are not aware of what the United States, NATO and others have done in Afghanistan, Irak, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Syria and tortured their people in Khandahar, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo etc.,?

    Can the leader of any country, be so naive and stupid, to sit idle and pray, nothing is going to happen this time around?

    Obama fooled millions of people before being elected with his looks and Nobel Prize, not after seeing him in action, with is “Soft voice, Big Stick, Drones” and thousands of innocent lives cut short by his actions.

  • I read the same story.

    When I looked futher I found that it appears to have been that Anastas Mikoyan was the one with the common sense to remove all missiles and leave none to Fidel.


  • Sergei Khrushchev, the Soviet Premier’s son, said that what convinced his father to stop the Russian ships carrying missiles to Cuba was not Kennedy’s resolve (which was not as impressive as the US media made it out to be), but the realization that Fidel Castro was a madman willing & eager to start a global nuclear conflict between the US and the USSR.

  • Fidel Castro seems to have a very short memory or hopes we have one.

    During the Cuba crisis Fidel Castro demanded a “first strike” from the Soviets to defend the Cuban regime. He was ready to sacrifice the Cuban people for his survival.

    He also demanded control over the nuclear weapons and demanded that some – in violation of the agreement brokered with the US – would remain in Cuba.

    The Soviet leadership refused all of the above as they were shocked by Castro’s statements and considered him “unreliable” and a “madman”.

    This didn’t stop Fidel Castro to demand nuclear weapons again in 1981.

    One of the most valuable contribution of the Soviet Union to world history may have been to keep nuclear weapons out of Fidel Castro’s hands.

  • It is often asked “why is the US the police of the world”? Luis, here’s one answer: North Korea. I am disappointed, but not surprised that the leftists of the world don’t rise in opposition to this nut, Kim Jong-un. As usual, the flaccid and impotent platform of the left is useless when matters of real import are at risk. How does Grady Daugherty’s tranformationary socialist theory respond to a madman with nukes?

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