A Sponsor, We Need a Sponsor!

By Matraca

HAVANA TIMES – After the announcement of the new parole process for Cubans and the need to have a sponsor from the United States to start and support the process, controversy has broken out, between jokes and sadness.

What does a person who needs to leave Cuba and doesn’t have a sponsor do? Is the process exempt from the danger of human trafficking, abuse and scams? Does the measure to stop the irregular entry of Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, and Haitians into the US guarantee the protection of the human rights of migrants?

As prices and shortages continue to rise on the island, people who want to migrate must cry out and find a sponsor that will guarantee them entry into US territory. The routes, the danger and the trip via Nicaragua and other Central American countries ends more than a year after the Government of Daniel Ortega, in collusion with the Cuban government, allowed Cubans to enter its territory without a visa.

Meanwhile, this week it also emerged that Singer-songwriter Fernando Bécquer, who had been sentenced in October, 2022, to limited freedom without internment, as a result of multiple complaints of sexual abuse against him, must now serve his three years and four months sentence in jail, according to what was reported by the Havana Provincial Court.

And I will give you three wishes… Hey man, just be my sponsor and forget the rest of that.
Sponsor? We met years ago and only now you contact me.
I need you to be my sponsor! A repentant CDR neighborhood watch member. Now? A worm from the 1990s.
2022: Help me to get a ticket to see the volcanoes (Nicaragua). 2023: Get me one of those sponsors…
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