Another 27 to Remember (Cartoon feature)

By Xel2 (El Toque)

Cover design: Janet Aguilar.

HAVANA TIMES – This past week the members of Xel2 followed the dramatic events that occurred on January 27 in front of the Ministry of Culture in Havana. Another 27 in which young artists come out to demand their rights be respected. Today we collect some works we did on the event.

The situation reveals the absurd treatment of young creators by canceling any possibility of dialogue with a ministerial slap. From then on, the irrational took place. Violence against a score of peaceful protesters by officials who went out to seek a confrontation.

As long as hatred, violence and bravado continue to be the way to deal with what is different, they will continue to isolate themselves at the top. From that vantage point they see provocations in all civic action to justify their actions.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

It’s too bitter.
You have the right to shut up.
Of course I’m an expert in the arts. Marcial arts!
“Mom, I want the Constitution of our republic to be…” “Boy, do you want the TV guy Humberto Lopez to put you on the evening news?”
Let me guess. Another organized “spontaneous” rally is coming.
Here we work too hard to also have to put up with you…
-Oh, you dropped it. -No, you pushed it.
Cuba’s minister of Culture.
Hide your cellphone, here comes Alpidio (the Minister of Culture). But… I’m only playing minecraft.
I identified myself but you didn’t.
Hey boy, that’s why I can’t take you out.
Revolusa, if you don’t turn into stone…
Cuba’s Minister of Culture is ready to taken on any and all artists.

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  • Que Dios ayude a nuestros Hermanos I hermanas cubanos a salir de esta. 60 anos no hay mal que dure tanto ni cuerpo que lo aguante.

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