Art for Freedom: More Cartoons & Illustrations after Xel2  

By El Toque

HAVANA TIMES – Some twenty graphic artists —Cuban and foreign— responded to a call by El Toque, in response to the denunciation of the closure of the Sunday graphic humor supplement Xel2, due to pressure from the State Security Organs.

The El Toque request broadcast on social networks stated: “We ask you to help us so they don’t get away with it this time, that they do not block the publishing of graphic humor in the independent Cuban press.”  

The works refer to artistic censorship, the closure of Xel2 and the defense of spaces for creativity and freedom of expression. They came to us through our email ([email protected]) and social networks.

Among the best-known Cuban illustrators who have offered their works are Lázaro Saavedra (Cuban National Prize for Plastic Arts 2014), Gustavo Rodríguez “Garrincha” and Angel Boligan “Boligan”, all with important national and international recognition.

The members of Xel2 who are outside of Cuba also responded to the call: Ramsés Morales, Fabián Sotolongo, Brady Izquierdo and Alen Lauzán.

International collaboration came from Mexico through the Veracruz artist Gogo, who is dedicated to illustration and design.

Artists from other artistic manifestations —such as the visual arts (Yulier Rodriguez «YulierP», Camila Lobón, Hamlet Toledo and Julio Llopiz-Casal)—, also sent their works.

The State Security Organs of the Cuban Government will not be able to silence the creative freedom of Cuban artists with harassment, threats, or blackmail.

Enjoy this great virtual exhibition, which is a gesture of protest and solidarity.

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