Artist Luis Manuel Otero Incommunicado on Hunger Strike

Cuban artist Luis Manuel Alcántara (c) has been in prison for over two years.

Communication with the imprisoned Cuban artist is difficult in his first week of hunger strike

By Javier Moreno Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara’s partner in struggle, Claudia Genlui, denounced on social networks the lack of communication and uncertainty that hangs over the physical health of the leader of the San Isidro Movement.

In a phone call made to the prison where the artist and civil rights activist is arbitrarily confined, Claudia received evasions from the authorities responsible for responding about the situation of the prisoners.

She was treated coldly by representatives of a despotic and cruel prison system, and told to inquire again next Thursday if she was really interested in the inmate.

It should be noted that Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara is not a common prisoner and even if he were, he has every right in the world to communicate with whoever requires it, especially since he is currently carrying out a hunger strike for the rights of all Cubans, not only political prisoners.

His relatives, friends and colleagues continue to insist that Luis Miguel’s demands be not only heard but resolved, for the common good and full freedom.

In various parts of the world, a call is being made for a vigil on Saturday, July 15th, to support the just freedom of Cuba’s political prisoners and all those who inhabit this prison island in the middle of the Caribbean.

The fight continues because the regime is stubborn and does not want to “let go”, instead the inoperative system has yielded to the wishes of China and Russia.

How long will they continue to sell the island to the highest bidder?

I want a free Cuba.

The sound of the bugle is heard.

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