Awaiting the Reopening of Air Travel & Tourism in Cuba

By Xel2 (El Toque)

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HAVANA TIMES – The recent announcement of the opening of air travel to/from Cuba starting November 15th has caught the attention of our team this week. The information continues to generate a dose of controversy due to the current Covid-19 situation on the island.

Some Internet users highlighted the curious coincidence of this opening with the date marking the start of the high tourism season in the country. Although the numbers of infections in Cuba were under control throughout the first year of the pandemic, it is possible that the entry of travelers to tourist poles in recent months brought more aggressive strains and influenced the increase in cases in those territories and then the rest of the country.

We hope that with this new opening, security protocols are strictly adhered to so we will not have to regret another relapse. We know the outlook and the imperative to do so: collapse of the health system, shortages of medicines, medical personnel and oxygen. For this reason, it is important to control the epidemic before that date and to be prudent after the opening so that we do not have to mourn the loss of more lives.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Please son, arrive already, I’m desperate!
Can I take it off now Mr. President?

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2 thoughts on “Awaiting the Reopening of Air Travel & Tourism in Cuba

  • Remember that vaccinated people can become infected and infect others. Flights to Cuban destinations have been occurring for several months, in mentioning Sunwing, you are possibly referring to Holquin. But other airports are active. Testing rather than vaccination, is the key to minimizing risks. Vaccination protects the individual, testing protects others. Many of the people on the Russian flights are actually Cubans.

  • From my understanding my Sunwing flights will be all vaccinated people. And we mask all the way. HOpe to have my vaccine passport by then….
    I am thinking it was wrong to let the Russians come earlier this year .. they did a lot of harm.
    And will any flights out of US be coming to Havana? the Americans are scaring us now.. their anti masks, anti vaccines, anti passports, anti everything..
    Hope those flights are for vaccinated only also.

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