Can a Real Cuban Patriot Vote Republican?

Christian-Fredrick Mattner*

Photo: Samantha Levins

HAVANA TIMES — The main issue in the forthcoming presidential elections as far as Cuba is concerned, is clearly as to what the next US administration will do about the US Blockade on Cuba?

Will a potential republican President respect Cuba’s sovereignty, demonstrate Christian compassion and listen to such US companies demanding the end of the blockade?

Highly unlikely.

What is the real reason for continuing the United States blockade on Cuba?

Does the original reason for a Blockade of Cuba still hold? Apparently 98% of the family of the world’s Nations does not seem to think so.

Why do even most friends and allies of the US vote against the US in the UN on this issue?

Are they all commies, insane or what are their reasons for speaking out against the continuing Blockade?

Well important circles within the Republicans are insinuating just that –circles that are powerful very very powerful and clandestine at that.

Most of you will probably know what I am referring to.

I am referring to the conspiracy between the Church of Scientology and the Republican Cuban-American lobby to continue with the Blockade, damage Cuba further and even supporting assassination plans targeting Fidel Castro.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen plays a prominent role in the Cuban-American lobby, which aims to put pressure on the Cuban government and “encourage” political “change*” (‘whatever that means) on the island.

Ros-Lehtinen stirred controversy by calling for the assassination of Cuban Leader Fidel Castro.

She appears in the British documentary 638 Ways to Kill Castro, saying: “I welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro and any leader who is oppressing the people.”

Photo: Carolina Sanchez

After a 28-second clip began circulating on the Internet, she claimed the filmmakers spliced clips together to get the sound bite.

Twenty-four hours after the controversy erupted, director Dollan Cannell sent unedited tapes of his interview with Ros-Lehtinen to reporters.

The uncut version contradicted Ros-Lehtinen’s response and showed that she had twice welcomed an attempt on Castro’s life.

Though she attempted to distance herself from her denial, filmmaker Cannell requested an apology, which has not been forthcoming.

Ros-Lehtinen’s rise to congress was coordinated by Jeb Bush, who became her campaign manager and was endorsed by Jorge Mas Canosa, former head of the Cuban-American National Foundation.

She has lobbied for the release and pardon of the terrorist Orlando Bosch, involved in the 1976 bombing of Cubana Flight 455 which killed 73 people.

She helped organize an “Orlando Bosch day” to gain support for his release.

She has defended former fugitive Velentin Hernández, convicted of murdering Luciano Nieves, a fellow Cuban exile that supported negotiations with the Cuban government.

She attempted to block Jimmy Carter’s visit to Cuba.

Ros-Lehtinen has in the past been an ardent supporter of the Church of Scientology. She was “honored at a 2004 Celebrity Centre gala” with famous Scientologists such as John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Ect, ect, ect,

What is one to think about all this?

When looking in the internet and researching the Cuban issues with ref. to her name, the Republicans, Scientologists, CIA ect., as a Christian some very disturbing picture starts to build up to me – which I am sure – Americans in general neither approve of or are aware of?

Are any of the readers aware of this? Please do look it up for yourself on the net; had I not seen this with my own eyes I wouldn´t have believed it.

(*) Christian-Fredrick Mattner, Danzig Minority-INGO- London,UK, Prof.Dr.hc of Christian Economics and a reader of Havana Times.


10 thoughts on “Can a Real Cuban Patriot Vote Republican?

  • What is the point of calling for the end of the US “Blockade” on Cuba?

    First of all, the blockade does not exist. There is a limited trade embargo: the US bans the importation of Cuban goods and limits the export to Cuba certain American products. The rest of the world trades freely with Cuba.

    Secondly, long ago Fidel Castro decided he had more to gain from continuing the American embargo. There’s no sign Raul has changed from that opinion.

  • OK–point taken–sorry you are quite right.
    Thanks for letting me know.
    You know though what I have been refering to–which is quite clear from the article?

    Regards from London

  • Grady, you have got to stop smoking the ganja and writing your replies at the same time. You wrote “establish a socialist Cooperative Republic in the US within a decade”. Only after you pry my Glock from my dead, cold fingers! You should focus your efforts on fooling the 11.2 million Cubans. As for me and my house, if my son invents the next Facebook, I want him to be worth $25 billion too.Why should that kid Zuckerberg have all the fun? I sleep more soundly at night knowing that some Afghan Taliban is afraid to come out of his cave because there are drones flying overhead. And guess what? There are at least 300 million other Americans who think like me. Your ideas are noble, and in another life may even work. But in this life, they have never worked and they never will.

  • Mr. Mattner, thank you for your article, but could you please refer to the monopoly capitalist “Republicans” with a capital “R,” and not make the mistake of using a lower-case “r,” as in your article title and in your second paragraph? There is a profound difference.

    Our tiny Cooperative Republic Movement in the US is a transformationary socialist movement. We think of ourselves as “socialist cooperative republicans” because we hope to establish a socialist Cooperative Republic in the US within a decade. To assume, or speak as though all “republicans” are “Republicans” therefore is a gross and unfair error.

  • Herr Mattner:

    Thank you for confirming everything I said. Your own words illustrate your hypocrisy far better than anything I wrote or anything I could add. And the fact that you trumpet Germany as a bastion of human rights proves my suggestion that you are incapable of self-reflection.

    And finally, your assertion that your twisted views represent the thoughts of “any fellow Christian, Democrat or Cuban Revolutionary” is yet another of your delusions. You should add these to the list of people you owe an apology to — particularly anyone who thinks of himself as a Cuban Revolutionary. If there is anything Cuba does NOT need, it is the hate-filled propaganda of a German apologist.

  • Dear Senora Benjumea–
    thank for your comments.
    We all are entitled to opinions and express them in public.
    However supporting the murder of a named individual has little to do with freedom of speech or Democracy for that—such a call is not just appaling but a criminal offense in most countries–including Spain.

    To Murder or to call for or support Murder –for any reason whatsoever—
    IS UNACCEPTABLE to me or any fellow Christian and Democrat–or to a Cuban Revolutionary given the case of the person you wish to see murdered.
    I hope that you have used the wrong English wording,, your native tongue being Spanish.
    Please withdraw /correct :” I share the wish that Castro be assassinated”—Thank you.

    My promise to you is : Anybody that declares to me that he or she intends to participate/or supports such a plot –will be reported by me to the relevant authorities–(not reporting such a threat will make me an accomplice).

  • Hello Mr. Oppel–
    from your comments I must gather that you are a Scientologist.
    Some of the aims of your organisation are not compatible with the Constitution of many nations.
    If you are intelligent and honest– you will know very well what I am reffering to.
    Ok–in the US and most European nations your religious group is currently still free to practise–
    in Germany and France however–legal and constitutional steps are being in progress to ban your group because of that.
    I cannot imagine that once the Ministery of Interior in Havana looks at your groups declared aims–and your link and appreciation for self declared supporters of assassinating the Castros–will allow your group to establish themselves in Havana.
    Your Great Leaders performance in Cuba in the 50´s did not leave a very good impression in Havana circles either—if I remember correctly.
    Tell me –if your group does NOT link up with Ros-Lathinen–or visa versa–WHY was she honoured–publicly by your organisation?

    If you want for your groups Secret Service * to investigate me–tell me–so can I keep them informed of my continuesly changing locations.
    Right now I am in London–next week in Frankfurt–the week after in Cuba.
    *( To the readers of this commment: the Scientologists Secret Service worldwide has according to their former chief–approx 3500 voluntary “agents”).

    Your comments as to insulting me in person does demonstrate however that you fail to abide your own organisations declared aims—
    supporting human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
    It demonstrates that you are either a very confused individual or a rebel within your own church?

    Whatever –it doesn´t make the slightest difference to me.
    What does however concern me is that YOU or your organisation do not seem to be in a hurry to distance yourselves from ANY association with a self declared supporter of polical assassinations–namely the call to kill Fidel Castro.
    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE to me or any fellow Christian and Democrat or to a Cuban Revolutionary.

    My promise is : Anybody that declares to me that he or she intends to participate/or support such a plot –will be reported to the relevant authorities.

  • A “conspiracy between the Church of Scientology and the Republican Cuban-American lobby?” I would say you must be joking, but sadly, that would seem not to be the case. Neither can your insane propaganda be excused as a mistake. Herr Mattner, you should be ashamed of yourself, though I doubt you are capable of shame or remorse, either of which requires at least a degree of recognition of wrongness. You, I perceive, are a sanctimonious hypocrite incapable of such self-reflection. You have no right to call yourself a human rights advocate as long as you maliciously abuse the rights of others.

    As you well know, the Church of Scientology is a religious organization that supports the human rights of all people, regardless of political ideologies. Your ridiculous and false assertions are an insult to Cuban Scientologists just as they are an insult to Cuban-American Scientologists. You owe both an apology.

  • I don’t support Ros Lehtinen, I don’t even vote in the States since I’m a Spaniard, but calling “blockade” the embargo- the United States sell food and medicaments to Castro only if he pays cash- is adopting Castro’s language. On the other hand, I don’t even think a commercial embargo against Cuba is sensible anymore- like it was with South Africa and Myanmar, supported by the British.
    However, I share the wish that Castro be assassinated once and for all- Ancient Greeks justified tyrantcide- since he never dies and he and his brother and foes keep torturating their people.
    What do you suggest to end the dictatorship, sir, assuming you consider we are talking about a dictatorship.-

  • Ros-Lehtinen is certifiable. Okay, let’s get that out of the way. But she and her consorts are the perfect and justifiable counter-balance to Fidel Castro and his circle of elites. The Castros are just as extreme in the repression and control they have exerted over an entire nation of Cubans as the anticastristas are vengeful and vindictive. Painting this US Congresswoman as some conspiratorial looney is fair only if taken in the context of who she opposes. Cuba is no middle-of-the-road socialist democracy like Sweden. They are one of the most repressive regimes still existing on the planet. There are tens of thousands of Cubans in Miami who suffered beatings and deprivations at the hands of this regime. Is it no wonder that they would support an extremist like Ros-Lehtinen? Unfortunately, using the last former apartheid President Botha in South Africa as an example, there is no way to reconcile these extremes as long as a Castro remains in power. Equally unfortunate, there does not appear to be a Cuban statesman of the stature and influence of Mandela on the horizon to urge forgiveness either.

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