Can you dissent but still support the revolution?

Havana Balcony. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, April 6 — In his most recent public speech on Sunday, President Raul Castro urged youth to make use of debate and to accept differences of opinion as a means to advance the construction of socialism.

“Fomenting frank discussion and not seeing disagreement as a problem, but the source of the best solutions. Absolute unanimity is generally fictitious and therefore harmful,” said the Cuban president.

With that in mind Havana Times asks its readers the following:

–          Is it possible to disagree with certain decisions and policies outlined by the Cuban leaders while continuing to be on the side of the Revolution?

–          Do you think the leaders in fact fear disagreement?

–          Up to what point could differences of opinion advance or reverse the Cuban effort to build socialism?

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15 thoughts on “Can you dissent but still support the revolution?

  • While there are many problems in Cuba, socialism is not one of them. While there are many problems in the US, capitalism and imperialism are two of them. How do Cubans fix the problems they didn’t cause, with the murderous US lurking in the background? There is no answer to that. As outsiders, we can help the Cubans by giving to them, with the hope that one day, the US will back off. Wish I were a genie and could blink that into existence. Cuba is a victim and reparations are well overdue. Despite that, I would prefer to live in Cuba, and give up any material benefits that come with living in the wasteful and destructive Unkind States of America.

  • ”……. I will pay it weight in gold for each regimen in the world that not uses capitalism as economical system…..
    With the exception of North Korea that is a feudal regime…… of course

  • ‘loyal’ & ‘dis-loyal’ opposition……!!!!!!!!!
    Loyal to whom??….. the only loyalty a opposition has to have is on the own people not on the object of opposition that in all cases are another political group that can even be disloyal on the own people like in the case of a tyranny that endures 50 years delivering the national richness and industries to the imperialism that simulates to fight and the international capital that helps the elite of this loyalty demanding regimen to conserve the power.
    “loyal 2 the capitalists & their system”……. I will pay it weight in gold for each regimen in the world that not uses capitalism as economical system….. capitalism is the only economical system that exist….. who dares to prove the contrary??!!!
    “simple agents of imperialism”……… it refers maybe to those that for 50 years has been destroying Cuba’s industries one after one for the benefits of the imperialism that has rebuilt quickly those industries on USA’s…

  • Well, despite the effort of people that defends some kind of socialism that never was, the true is that European, Canadian and other real socialist systems in the world created a welfare society with exceptional benefits and justice for the working class. The same can’t be said of this other “socialism” that never was that grounded in the ridiculous fallacy about bourgeois and class fight was created and death in formers Warsaw pact country…. those experiments were killed by the inefficiency and totalitarism…. the others experiments that still today dares to call itself socialism ended in a pathetic monopolistic and wild capitalism of state that together with international capital empties country’s natural resources making the own people to “collaborate” as semi slave work forced by repression…. in other words, all those experiments ended in fascism.

  • Perhaps what Granma should do is run a national “suggestion contest.” The guidelines might run something like this:
    1) In 50 (or 75 or 100) words or less, write how socialism in Cuba should reform itself, in order to make the economy more functional and the lives of the people easier.
    2) Send in your submission via letter or e-mail by June 30, 2010.
    3) The top ten submissions chosen by a panel of from the YCL, PCC, other mass organizations and key individuals chosen by the historic leadership will receive a cash prize of ___, and have their submissions published in the Granma press.
    4) A response of not more than 100 words to each of the top ten would be given by President Raul Castro and published in the Granma press.
    5) The top 3 winners will be interviewed at length on national TV.

    Such a contest might elicit some great ideas and foment constructive national discussion. And “end run” might be made around the usual bureaucratic obstructionists.

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