Canel against Canel

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – There was no doubt that Díaz-Canel was going to be the ratified president. Kind of like an arranged wedding. A candidate for president who does not compete with any opponent, who was elected to the National Assembly from a city where he doesn’t live, who has not shown the slightest signs of having successfully led the country (quite the opposite), cannot remain in the leadership unless he is a manageable puppet.

Power in Cuba has been under the rule of the same families for more than 60 years. Families that impose, control, repress, manipulate.

That another fuel crisis would come in Cuba, there was no doubt. A deficient political-economic system, failed reforms, inflation, disproportionate investments in the tourism sector, the inaction and ineffectiveness of efforts that resolve real problems in a home-grown way while waiting for a foreign government to become the new patron of the island, can only lead site to debacle.

How will Cubans survive in the next five years? What can be expected from the president of disasters?

Five more years
NATIONAL ASSEMBLY… Liberty, equality, simulation.
In a friendly gesture, after being ratified for another term Miguel Diaz Canel extends a hand to his opponent.
Gas Station – More of the same

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  • What progress can be expected in Cuba under Diaz-Canel Bermudez? The answer lies in one word: nada !

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