Cannon Fodder Made in Cuba

Cubans in the Russian Army.

By Carlos Cabrera Perez

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government has been the subject of widespread ridicule due to an operation to recruit Cuban mercenaries to fight for Russia in its war against Ukraine. Such was carried out under its nose and which they found out about through the vilified independent press.

How would Havana react if Kiev – with whom it maintains diplomatic relations – tolerated the recruitment of mercenaries to invade Cuba?

As usual, the olive green and guayabera caste has turned on the fan to try to evade the issue. While in the coming days blaming the CIA and Miami might be brought into the picture, the landing of young Cubans in the war in Ukraine, in exchange for two thousand US dollars per month, speaks for itself.

The pirates of the Caribbean are pathetic when they become solemn, pretend to be offended and begin to express outrage over the Soviet-inspired action that so fascinates the elderly Raul Castro.

The departure of Cuban mercenaries to the Russian-Ukrainian front confirmed that Cuba’s Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Penetration and Enemy Activity sections failed, where heads will roll with the usual secrecy of the oldest dictatorship in the West.

The heads of these bodies should switch to the production of balloons because they are not useful for defense, and the ministers of the FAR (Armed forces) and the MININT (Ministry of Interior) and their underlings should be scrapped; those most responsible for the safeguarding of Cuba.

The island’s intelligence officers in Moscow and Kiev should be returned to the homeland, which is not proud of them, because they were incapable of detecting the trafficking of cannon fodder made in Cuba, even though it was done right under their noses.

So many lies about relations with Russia and the exaltation of Vladimir Putin – one of the most anti-Castro figures of the Kremlin – distorted the harsh reality, that international relations are pure and simple interests and not a compendium of ethics; and Cuban State Security was caught sleeping.

The destroyed Cuban economy and the moral relativism of many new men did the rest, even when the Ideological Departments of Counterintelligence and the Communist Party made a hypertensive father from Villa Clara appear before the only television to thank the “comrades of the MININT” for arresting (as part of the “deactivation of the recruitment network”) one of his sons who intended to follow in his brother’s footsteps, already fighting against Ukraine, under contract.

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3 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder Made in Cuba

  • Cuban government phoney baloney propaganda to give appearance they don’t share Russian military values!
    Puppet regime on shaky ground.

  • Many vets from ont are fighting in I know of 7 vets from homeless shelters that went over to act in support roles as explosive experts or mechanics. They are having all expenses covered plus good pay of about $400 cd ot $300 U S a day .Two of them have expired and 2 more got hurt
    They tell me Russia is also bringing in foreign people to help in the military activities
    It is believed that Russia has lost over 200,000 and Ukraine over 300 000 already. The gov of Ukraine has diverted weapons ammo and $ that Canada and the United States and the United Kingdom has supplied. This war has caused a shortage of food and many other things in many parts of the world. The gov of cuba as very little choice but provide military men and medical services to Russia. Large numbers of people over 900 000 men of military age and over 3 million people including wives and children have left through kasistan and turkey. To avoid the military activity. Russia has a huge shortage of skilled trade workers at this time
    Over 200,000 have left Ukraine for Canada to avoid the military. Many have left Canada as they do not like living tents or other short-term housing without central heat and difficulty with English

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