Cuba: A Deadly Problem That Won’t Go Away

Fernando Ravsberg

dios-es-amor--gritos-al-vacioHAVANA TIMES — “A girl died and 32 others were injured Tuesday when a truck used to transport passengers overturned in eastern Cuba,” reported the Cuban press as part of a campaign for greater road safety.

However, the truth is that little can be done while the authorities allow half the cars on the road to circulate without seat belts and cargo trucks from the 1940s are used to transport passengers.

The little campaigns in the media will have the same effect as an aspirin in a cancer patient. While accidents multiply in these rolling coffins, buses the government imported remain idle, deteriorating for lack of spare parts.

If in 50 years the State has not been able to create a decent transport system maybe they should let others try. One way would be to authorize individuals to import buses tariff free and sell them fuel at wholesale prices.


One thought on “Cuba: A Deadly Problem That Won’t Go Away

  • Fernando Ravsberg is absolutely correct. Only a month ago there was a similar accident at Cienfuegos. The Castro regime will not enable a private transport system, to them it is far more important to preserve Socialismo and its antiquated thinking than it is to enable safe transport for the average Cuban – a few deaths and multiple injuries being an acceptable price for others to pay. Clearly the Regime suffers from mental constipation – someone should send them a supply of senna pods – to relieve their problem!

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