Cuba and Covid-19: Let’s Give Doctor Duran a Break

By Aurelio Pedroso  (Progreso Semanal)

Dr. Francisco Duran Garcia

HAVANA TIMES – Our media or propaganda suffer from such an old and counter-productive evil: supersaturation.

Like an old and experienced university professor (who I am proud to mention), doctor Augustin Pi, once said, education is also “a repressive and systematic phenomenon”, and that both of these things ensured that we learned lessons, as well as other things.

The danger of all of this becoming a “boomerang”, is to find the right moment to broadcast it on a TV screen or radio, or publish it in the written press.

For example, by this point during this period of lockdown and extreme hygiene practices, whoever hasn’t learned to wash their hands like an experienced surgeon before going into surgery, has decided to live with the bacteria and other harmful pests.

In addition to these recommendations, there are many others that should be giving some space to the new requirements of upcoming phases or stages.

The broadcast of the daily morning briefing by the Public Health Ministry hasn’t escaped this process of supersaturation. You can even begin to see the fatigue or exhaustion on the lines of the protagonist’s face and enunciation.

The time has come for us to thank and recognize the role doctor Francisco Duran Garcia has played during this long lockdown and period of other misfortunes – as well as pandemic and social violations or indiscipline. The country is slowly returning, at a clinical pace, to the time that we have been impatiently waiting for, the second phase of fighting this international crisis and (just as worrying) national crisis.

A daily summary in the news broadcast on Cuban TV would be more than enough. Let’s let the doctor prepare for a comeback to the screen, in a not very distant future, just like psychologist Manuel Calvino did, to warn and advise us of the pandemic or disease of the hour, which is never lacking in this Caribbean Cuba.