Cuba: Freedom Cries Out for Awakening

Havana photo by Juan Suarez

By Javier Moreno Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – You have to see what Cuba has become in recent times.

Many conflicting opinions and no one agrees. The different groups of the internal civil society, fight without coming to specify ideas, or a common plan to carry out together.

It is time to create a platform where the desire of ordinary Cubans is truly reflected and channeled. The immobilization in which most groups have become imbued is alarming, with most blaming the “outside” for not providing support.

It seems that the initiatives are scattered in the imagination and, although it is true that help is needed, one must also count on the potential that is available: the people, already tired of this dictatorship for years.

We face daily the high cost of living, demagogy and lack of credibility of our rulers, bickering between groups, gossip, discouragement.

Enough. There are more than a thousand political prisoners, and millions experiencing hardships due to the debauchery of a few.

At the cultural level, at least battles have been won. The musical duo Buena Fe receives what it deserves daily on the different platforms, Poet Nancy Morejón was left in a very bad light, and so on.

But the fight must be constant and unstoppable, since living is a risk, one must become aware of it and channel it as best as possible in our day to day.

When the rulers feel the strength of an entire people, the wave that will sweep the island of its impurities will be unstoppable.

Consensus must be achieved, not getting carried away by mirages.

A manifest ideology consistent with reality and the desire of all.

Cuba has a vivid, clear history; we know what we want.

We must be the constant drop that goes on and on, each one filling the bucket from their place.

Consistency always leads to good results.

What’s up people? Cuba has become a kind of dance learned when young and no one remembers the details anymore.

Freedom cries out for awakening and it begins with awakening.

Political prisoners are sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, Cuba itself is a prison. It’s already taken too long.

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One thought on “Cuba: Freedom Cries Out for Awakening

  • There is conflict in Cuba, the people seek freedom, the communist regime opposes it.

    After sixty four years, nothing changes in Cuba.

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