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Havana is one of the big draws for tourists visiting Cuba. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, March 10 — Cuban authorities have created uncertainty in the tourism market due to a new regulation announced earlier this week that all visitors must have a travel health insurance policy approved by or purchased from the Cuban government.

As several Havana Times readers commented on the post “Cuba Imposes Health Insurance on Visitors”  it makes complete sense that people traveling to the island have coverage that guarantees Cuba’s ability to treat them at a fair cost and maintain its free health system for locals.

Havana Times has consulted several people in the travel industry who speculate that the price for such a policy to be sold by Cuba as of May 1st will range from 7 Euros (US $10) for a month to 5 Euros (US $7) per day.

With Cuba promoting tourism as one of its top cash revenue sources —over 2.4 million people visited the island in 2009— it makes sense for the authorities to clarify the situation ASAP.

People considering a trip to Cuba need to know if their insurance company is on the list of approved firms and, if not, what it will cost for to buy the Cuban policy and what exactly it covers.

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  • The charge for medical is a result of Cubans in Miami going to Cuba and taking advantage of the medical system to get cheap care. They know people and/or have their carne or know how to give a small bribe so they were saving thousands, amounting to ? when you think of their numbers, (lots).

    So there is no way to control what they do other than charge at the point of entrance.

    I’m sure there are other reasons they are doing this but this is one underlying reason.

  • Two friends flew in from UK into Havana on Sunday night, May 2nd. No one asked them or anyone else on the flight around them for insurance.

  • I just read an online article, published recently, that indicated enforcement of the travel insurance mandate is spotty. Of the handful of people interviewed, only one or two had been asked to show proof of insurance. Can anyone verify this? I’m a shoestring backpacker planning to leave for Cuba in a week and not having to pay this would be a real relief.

    Also, has anyone out there ever tried bribing officials? How’d that go?

  • My wife landed in Havana last night and was forced to pay $200 cu for her 1 month stay with her family !! $260.oo canadian, thats $ almost $9 per day paid at the airport, like it or not !!!

  • Does anyone know if one can purchase this insurance at the airport upon arrival?

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