Cuba on Pause for a Summit

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – The Matraca artists comment on the logistical and resource deployment destined to celebrate the summit of the Group of 77+China, on September 15 and 16 in Havana. They also reflect on the recruitment of Cubans to fight for Russia in Ukraine through a trafficking network identified and dismantled by the island’s Government in recent days.

This summit is going to be a great diplomatic success! Come here big guy… When will we see a big food success?
I’m here to put a coat of paint on the facade. I think they are going to have to put on 77 coats!
We are happy to welcome the efforts of Cuba.

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One thought on “Cuba on Pause for a Summit

  • Just another scheme to fill Havana luxury hotel rooms.
    That’s the great “diplomatic” success they really expect, along with whatever else they can get into their diplomatic begging bowls at the end of every bureaucratic meeting. As for ordinary Havana residents, they should expect to see an immediate result: a greater shortage of eggs, chicken, and toilet paper, beyond the usual chronic shortages.

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