Cuba Today: Covid-19 with Reforms (Cartoons)

By Xel2 (El Toque)

Cover Design: Janet Aguilar

HAVANA TIMES – The new wave of COVID-19 cases in Cuba has reached record numbers. The coincidence of this increase with the so-called “ordering task” (economic reforms) has complicated the routine of lines and juggling to get basic necessities. It is part of the scarcity that we have experienced for months.

In this scenario, we must gain a greater perception of risk and rigorously comply with the established measures. Even if it doesn’t depend solely on us, as we must go out for supplies. We can help make this situation more bearable by staying healthy. Let’s take care of ourselves and our families.

Swallowing everything at the same time.
Reporting a dangerous increase in cases of despotism, violence and smear campaigns.

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