Cuba with a Little “Help” from the USA

Fernando Ravsberg

The relationship between Cubans and the US have well-defined objectives on both sides.

HAVANA TIMES — “Napoleon was to them, an Italian man, who organized the fight without the US; and people are more than sure, that he wouldn’t have lost Waterloo with the US’ help” (1), says an upbeat song from Rio de la Plata, which I used to listen to when I was young.

And it really seems like history isn’t the US politicians’ strong point. Every time they meddle with a country, they leave an apocalypse behind, however, like the good sorcerer apprentices they are, they continue to try and have influence across the entire world.

Their most recent interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria should be enough proof of this. In these countries, violence, its ungovernable nature and mass emigration have become a lot worse after having received “the US’ help.”

This isn’t anything new. In 1954, they were involved in the Coup d’Etat against the government in Iran at the time to impose a dictator, the Shah, and they made an activist leader out of an imam who had never participated in politics before and who 30 years later would lead the first Islamic revolution.

Obama recognized the fact that the US doesn’t have the capacity to impose change on Cuba. The US’ new policy seems to promote change from the inside. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz
Obama recognized the fact that the US doesn’t have the capacity to impose change on Cuba. The US’ new policy seems to promote change from the inside. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz

They’ve been trying to create an opposition in Cuba for over half a century, which would operate with the US help. Even though it seems deranged, they wanted to win over Cubans with the embargo which would sink them into “hunger”, “misery” and “despair”.

They have made many attempts to influence the course of this island by many different means, from organizing a military invasion, trying to assassinate its leaders, giving supplies to armed groups, financing dissidents, creating a TV channel, a radio station and even internet networks just for Cubans.

With these kinds of policies, the US has fed the siege mentality at home and internationally the “David vs. Goliath” rivalry. Standing up to the US was a key element in making the Revolution a flag bearer of national sovereignty.

When in Havana last March, Obama recognized the fact that this strategy had failed and promised to leave the fate of our country in Cuban hands. That day, I saw so people crying with happiness in front of their TV screens, many of them believed that this was the end of a long feud.

However, Washington’s “new” strategy continues the old script of “promoting regime change”. It appears to be the same show but with a different set of faces, where dissidents receive secondary roles while self-employed workers and Cuban youth take the leads.

They are offering scholarships to young Cubans to go and study in the US. They are doing this outside the official channels of student exchange programs, which stirs up a lot of people’s suspicions, which is to be expected given Washington’s long history in Cuba.

This mistrust increased when the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor announced that it would hand over 6 million USD this year to programs that “promote democratic change” in Cuba and these include “academic exchanges or study grants”.

Obama recognized the fact that the US doesn’t have the capacity to impose change on Cuba. The US’ new policy seems to promote change from the inside. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz
It’s hard to believe that Cuban students can be influenced so much that it just takes a few weeks studying with “the US” to be converted into anti-Castro leaders. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz

It’s hard to believe that these young people will be converted against the Cuban government after just being in the US for a couple of weeks. The growing number of young people already emigrating is much more harmful to the country, which is bleeding to death right now and nobody in the government media says anything about it.

The people over at the La Joven Cuba website believe that in order to attract new generations, the government should end “revolutionary alienating programs, revolutionary stagnation, revolutionary “guidance”, as well as wiping out truly revolutionary initiatives and getting rid of its leaders.(2)

With these study grants in the US, Cuba is going back to the time of “political unrest.” Youth protests are being held across the entire country, the press is filled with articles and videos, the country is preparing itself for an ideological war and extremists are licking their lips.

Washington is returning to the battleground where Havana already has vast experience and where it acts as a judoka, using the force of the opposition to make it crumble. Since 1959, US operations have only served to consolidate the Revolution.

They don’t seem to understand that the bilateral conflict goes way before the time of Fidel Castro, it has the bitter taste of the mambises who didn’t let them set foot in Santiago, of the constitutional ammendment that allowed the US to invade Cuba on more than one occasion and an economic blockade that has lasted for half a century.

Here, any political attempt that has “US’ help” is condemned to failure, which is something that they should have learned after 50 years of promoting “leaders”, both violent and pacific to seek “regime change”.

“The US” is confident that self-emloyed workers will be the “gravediggers” of Cuban socialism. It seems like they haven’t seen what has happened in China or Vietnam. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz
“The US” is confident that self-emloyed workers will be the “gravediggers” of Cuban socialism. It seems like they haven’t seen what has happened in China or Vietnam. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz

What’s more, today the US’ blunder is better positioning extremist political factions and their strategy to return and live with a siege mentality, silencing any space for public debate to raise the old flag of unanimity and single thought.

“The United States has neither the capacity, nor the intention to impose change on Cuba. What changes come will depend upon the Cuban people. We will not impose our political or economic system on you.  We recognize that every country, every people, must chart its own course and shape its own model.”

In these four phrases, spoken by Obama in Havana, the best strategy that Washington could come up with comes into play to promote change in Cuba because, even today, many Cubans would prefer to lose the Battle of Waterloo before they win it thanks to “US’ help.”

20 thoughts on “Cuba with a Little “Help” from the USA

  • November 12, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    You are so wrong on so many points. WWII…Pearl Harbor. Holocaust and Palestine…false equivalency. Mentioning Hitler….just stupid.

  • November 12, 2016 at 10:47 am

    It seems that your ideology is the same as US gov’t and it is Anti-NON-US rhetoric. And US is the number 1 and everyone must follow. I suggest you to see from other’s perspective. What if you weren’t American living in the US and a Chilean living in Ecuador reading Havana Times? Or something different than your usual perspective. Have you read the article in HT that many people cried in front of TV when Obama announced the US gov’t would not interfere anymore? Why do you think those Cuban people cried? Because many tensions around the world is coming from US or US allies. For Americans, government would tell you they are doing for human rights or any other self-righteous reasons, but on the other hand, they fight and destroy and put American/European corporations in. Repeat. Controlling media is done easily, and many Americans and people in Western countries are pretty much brainwashed to believe what government says. Even though your ideology come from truly improving Cuban people’s lives, if you were not to question what your government says, then how would you know they are not lying to you after so many corruptions and problems have arose? Have you ever thought why and what Hitler was fighting for? Winner always write histories. And our well known histories are quite biased. I am not justifying holocaust, but the same things are happening Palestine by US aided Israel. Have you ever questioned that before why US gov’t spending so much money into Israel? And why isn’t John Kerry going to Israel and preaching about Human Rights like Obama and Kerry did in Cuba??? Or talking to anti-Castro group to form what they can?? That’s not a peaceful thing. If you want to look into deeper and be very informed citizen of USA, you can also look into exactly why US got in WW2, And even deeper, you can also do research about Balfour Declaration was issued, and who was involved, and why they wanted it. And on top of it you can also do research about infamous world bankers, and IMF. Yes, this is Havana TImes and it’s about Cuba. But why Cuban condition is where it is, is also connected with many issues. I believe in law of attraction: Cause and Effect, if US wants peace and harmony around the world, war and violence are not the answer. Enjoy your meaningful HT commentator job, meaningfulness is much more satisfying and enriching than making paper money. Have a good day, it’s beautiful outside.

  • November 11, 2016 at 8:38 am

    You are at the wrong blog my friend. Your anti-US rhetoric, however well-intentioned, is misplaced at HavanaTimes. As far as HT as a stable job, the hours are fine, but the salary sucks. (No offense Circles, hehehe)

  • November 10, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    I did not acknowledge anything as you seemed. But I see in your response that you have ignored anything inconvenient to your ideology of your country. US has built US army bases in Japan, even though Okinawa is one of locations US is trying to build new location of their base to replace old one by destroying the habitats of well over 5000 kinds of marine creatures including coral reef. If you think they spent their tax $ for the sake of Japanese or Germans, think again. The fact of American fighting in wars and spending $ to (your word “rebuild”) make their American corporations in the country to make money off afterward, Just like Vietnam because factory country for American corporation after Vietnam war. As you can see, many of Middle East countries where US has been provoking radicals to take out the regimes past decades (just like what US has been trying to Cuba) ended up in the worst conditions than before wars. At the same time, citizens of the country complain that there are more deaths and unstable conditions of living than while Gadaffi was in control while they are eating Kentucky Fried Chicken as part of so-called liberty as American would say. African also lost out the opportunity of Gadaffi trying to build water system throughout Africa to enrich Africa out of poverty. But of course, there are too many Western riches didn’t want Africa to be better than current status when they try to control those country under poverty and trade for their benefit. Different form of enslavement. Not only in African but in Asia, South Asia, Latin America, they are treated the same by West. At the end of the day, it is all about 1%ers are just enriching themselves instead with all the power that they have, while average Americans believe their country is fighting for justice and world without super dictators and communism around the globe. Just because they are brainwashed enough to believe that they are living in a liberty even though there were increasing oligarchy issue, corruption of authorities and politicians, and decreasing numbers of middle class, and increasing number of low income household. I hope your ideology of Hillary Clinton being clean non-war criminal has served well. Because deleted emails from her private email server indicates otherwise. And many congress broadcasting and newspapers from the past show whatever she said during her election campaign was completely opposite of what she had said. And as much as I dislike Trump for your country, and prefer Jill Stein to see a possibility of a real change from the corrupted political system and diminished democracy that average Americans still believe they have freedom, Trump’s victory shows how fed up Americans are, at least half of voting Americans are. So, you might take this Havanatimes commentary as your stable job, and preach everyone of your ideology and not accepting or respecting other’s opinions of belief including Cuban government, but if America is such a successful country, why US government is not helping bankrupted cities like Detroit and others? There are some cities lacking basic necessity like running water in USA. And how about the country of US stop going around other part of the world preaching Human Rights while US itself has too many issues like average of police killing civilian reached highest record in 2015 amounts to close to 1300 people, which is at least a few people a day whether they were innocent or not. Check the record of other countries how many people are killed by police and you will see how dangerous your country is. But I can tell you, considering that, Cuba is safe country as you many know already. Have a good day, Mr. Patterson. Sometimes it’s good to sit back and breathe some fresh air and chill out than hard pressing your ideology. Let Cuba be Cuba. 🙂

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