Cuban Musician X Alfonso on Decree 349

He has written up a Decree-Law 350 that “would repeal” 349.

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X Alfonso. Foto: Progreso Semanal

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban musician X Alfonso, director of Havana’s Fabrica del Arte, has written up Decree-Law 350, which he believes should replace 349.

The text is an invitation to every Cuban artist to not lose hope and to fight for their dreams.

The controversy created around a law that would limit artistic creation and ban independent artists has managed to stop the Cuban government from implementing it on Friday December 7th, when they had scheduled to.

Even though government authorities are trying to convince artists that this Decree-Law is only trying “to regulate” poor practices, it is seen as a justification for censorship. 

Alfonso, one of the artists whose business could be affected by the implementation of Decree-349, has written a text in the form of a Law in which he invites artists to continue to fight.

“Don’t let anyone take the right to express yourself away from you, which is almost a duty… Don’t betray your beliefs, we all deserve to be accepted,” he writes.

The following is a reproduction of the document published by the Cuban musician:

DECREE-LAW No. 350 8/12/2018 
“Carpe Diem” 

FOR NOW: It is necessary to motivate artists to fight for their dreams.

ARTICLE 1. For that purpose:
Make the most of every day. Don’t let the day end without having grown a little, without having been happy, without having nourished your dreams.

ARTICLE 2.1. for the following behavior:
a) Don’t be defeated by despair. Don’t let anyone take the right to express yourself away from you, which is almost a duty. 
b) Don’t let go of your thirst to make your life something extraordinary… 
c) Don’t stop believing in the power of words and poetry, yes they can change the world because, no matter what happens, our essence is still intact. 

ARTICLE 3.1. Contemplates:
a) We are human beings full of passion, life is a desert and it’s an oasis at the same time. 
b) It knocks us down, it hurts us, we become the protagonists of our own story. 
c) Even if you’re walking against the wind, the powerful work of life continues. And you can contribute a verse…
2. The expected behaviors in the previous section are great.

ARTICLE 4.1. These are also for: 
a) Don’t ever stop dreaming because humans are only free in their dreams.
b) Don’t betray your beliefs, we all deserve to be accepted. 
c) We can’t sail against ourselves, this just makes life hell.

About the measures 
“I am shouting out from the rooftops of this world,” the poet says; appreciate the beauty of simple things, you can write poetry about the smallest things.  

ARTICLE 5.1. By the committee 
a) Enjoy the panic that overcomes you when knowing you have your entire life in front of you.
b) Live an intense life, without being mediocre.
c) Think that the future lies in you and take on this task with pride and without fear. 

Learn from whomever can teach you. 

a) The experiences of those who fed off our “Dead Poets”, will help you to walk through life. 
b) We are today’s society, the “Living Poets”.


Don’t let life pass you by, without living it… 
– Walt Whitman

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One thought on “Cuban Musician X Alfonso on Decree 349

  • Viva Decree-Law No. 350.

    The “FINAL COMMENTS” has great poignancy for all Cubans. May the day come when the communist shackles are removed and life no longer passes them by without opportunity and freedom.

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