Cuban Salsa Singer Manolin Asks Castros to Retire

Manolin.  Foto: de su página en Facebook.
Manolin. Foto: de su página en Facebook.

HAVANA TIMES — Manuel González Hernández, known in the music world as Manolín the Doctor of Salsa, suggests that the Castro brothers and the people of their generation retire, saying they are out of step with the times.

“To Fidel Castro and Raul Castro, and all those who fought with them and are still in power, take it easy, don’t bother anymore, it’s easier,” he said in a message posted on his Facebook page titled “It’s not personal, it’s the law of life.”

“You have to give way to the young,” said the musician noting that the younger generations are “closer to the truth as you were at the time.”

“You have clung to the idea that only you can do and undo things in our country, and you are causing a huge damage to Cuba,” said Manolín.

“The very old (…) are hardest hit by life (…) and there are disappointments, prejudices, frustration, resentment, the accumulation of many enemies (…) you do not function the same, and I’m not talking about 60 or 70 year olds, since you are almost 90 and should rest,” he added.

“Young people come fresh, unbiased (…) with hard drives full of ideas and joy, they see life differently.”

Fidel and Raul Castro at a Cuban parliament session in 2013.  Photo:

Manolin further advised the island’s leaders, “You shouldn’t decree that anyone with other ideas is a traitor, and that betrayal is paid with life. That’s nonsense; that’s killing the country’s heart and soul. It neutralizes progress, binding the country by hand and foot so it cannot advance. It is like giving a shot in the temple to the Cuban nation,” he said.

“You mustn’t put yourselves as the center and absolute reference, don’t put yourselves above the country,” he noted.

If you “retire” he told the Castros, it will open “a new era for our country (…) and going with you, will be many enemies we have gained along the way, rightly or wrongly, but enemies in the end.”

“There is another way to recognize their [the leaders] merits, and not exactly by keeping them in power at any cost and forever, or by saying they are right about everything. Nobody should be above the country, neither they, nor anyone else,” said the musician.

The Doctor of Salsa returned to Cuba in October 2013 after residing 12 years in Miami and trying several times to get the Cuban government to let him return, noted Diario de Cuba.

“Before in Cuba I didn’t agree with almost anything and protested almost everything. One day I went to United States and found that there too I didn’t agree with almost anything and protested for almost everything, and besides, it wasn’t my country,” he said last year.

“One day I said to myself: I’m going back to my country, knowing I won’t agree with almost anything and will protest almost everything, but with the difference that I will be in my country. That’s what I did, and here I am happy.” he added.

30 thoughts on “Cuban Salsa Singer Manolin Asks Castros to Retire

  • June 18, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    All elections in Cuba only allow one party. You may consider those so elected as being the choice of the people but you are ignoring the fact that there is NO CHOICE! How much experience do you personally have of Cuba? Cuba is in bondage. How are you privileged to know that Fidel has no influence upon little brother Raul? Accusing others with personal knowledge of ignorance when apparently – and it is apparent – that you have never even been to Cuba is crass to say the least. As you obviously would like to be informed about Cuba you should go and stay there for a month or preferably more – but keep your mouth shut in case the CDR catch up with you until you return to freedom where you and I can say what we think without risk of imprisonment. How do you justify the lack of free speech in Cuba Mr. Goodrich – do you favour the introduction of free media? Do you favour full UN human rights in Cuba? Do you favour mutli-party elections in Cuba? Come clean!
    Never bother with quotes of various authors just give your own opinions. Thanks in advance!

  • June 18, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    The truth is that all Dictators are bad. That includes Batista, Stalin, Franco, Breschnev, Big Brother Fidel and little brother Raul, Pinochet, Kim Jung Un, Bashar Asad, Mugabe, Kruschev, etc. Poor Cuba has suffered a surfeit of dictatorship and the current generations know nothing of experiencing true freedom. However they yearn to possess it. The old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is correct.

  • June 17, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    I guess you want to ignore the fact, I can’t do anything about that, read, educate yourself, you don’t even know how to interpret the links you post!

  • June 16, 2014 at 11:47 am

    I suppose next we’ll see an HT article where The Miami Sound Machine is recommending solutions to Cuba’s agrarian problems.

  • June 16, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Yeah sure,
    IF Fidel or Raul were to be blamed by most Cubans for their problems this MIGHT be the case .
    Most Cubans know that for 54 years the GOUSA has been making their lives as miserable as possible .
    Unlike most people in the United Snakes, the Cuban people know that since the end of WWII, the GOUSA has attempted the overthrow of more than 60 countries’ governments and the crushing of more than 30 nationalist/populist movements .
    ( source: “Rogue State: William Blum” -check out the website for the list of countries )
    So , my friend, the problem is not Cuba nor its revolution, nor its government that is the problem for the Cuban people and the world.
    It is the 100 year old U.S. imperialist foreign policy .

  • June 16, 2014 at 11:27 am

    The Cubans hold regular municipal elections . The municipal , provincial and national assemblies also hold regular elections.
    The electoral system is called Poder Popular ( People Power) .
    You might want to read a book or two on it so that you don’t appear quite as ignorant as you do.
    Were I you I would not bet the ranch that Diaz-Canel will succeed Raul.
    Fidel has completely stepped away from being part of the government’s decision making processes and only those who fail to notice his declining powers and have an anti-Fidel axe to grind would say he makes Raul’s decisions for him,
    The failings of capitalism are what brought about the Cuban and a great many other attempted revolutions so you really don’t have a clue that neo-liberal capitalism has not , does not and cannot work in developing Third World countries.
    Unfortunately for you, the Cuban people know what you don’t .They have lived under totalitarian neo-liberal capitalism and the present totalitarian Cuban state economy . and by a wide margin prefer to keep what they have now even under the harsh conditions imposed by the U.S. embargo which was specifically put in place to make life so difficult for all Cubans that they would overthrow their own revolution..
    In every election held in Cuba some 90-95% of eligible voters participate utilizing secret ballots so no one knows who voted for whom .
    They do not have to vote and were they to feel about their revolution and government as you do, they wouldn’t bother voting OR they would cast a defaced ballot OR write in Batista’s name .
    They don’t do this.
    You know what?
    I’m not going to waste my time batting back your soft lob errors
    Do yourself a favor and do some reading and fact finding that is not limited to Fox News and the like.
    Your stuff reads like a State Department release or a Limbaugh recital .
    Try reading ZNet .
    Have you looked at the “Killing Hope ” website as I recommended ?
    Please….just read the introduction to get some grasp on the reality of the U.S . foreign policy in force here.
    This is a history about which you know little or nothing.
    For instance: did you know that the United States invaded the (nascent) Soviet Union in 1918 ?
    Can you guess why ?
    Then tell me where I ( and author Blum) are incorrect .
    apitalism and the state economy

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