Cuban TV Lawyer’s Transition from Journalism to Sham

By Samuel Escobar

Humberto Lopez dedicates himself to defaming the people on the government’s official evening news (screenshot).

HAVANA TIMES – Humberto Lopez, the lawyer that appears on the official evening news insulting the San Isidro Movement and Tania Bruguera, has turned journalism into a sham. This has been the Cuban government’s very clever and convenient innovation.

The San Isidro Movement is a group of people who dissent against the totalitarian system that reigns on the island. They began a non-violent uprising with the mission of giving the Cuban people freedom. The spirit of these young people inspires and guides the Cuban people to gain awareness about freedom of speech, quality of life and the welfare state. The group’s manifesto is just to remove the scourge that is Cuba’s parasitic government.

Tania Bruguera is an internationally renowned Cuban artist. Recognition of her talent has led her to put on performances for the public and the academic world.

She has been unfairly harrassed out of paranoia by State Security. She has put together a performance for the Cuban people, where fellow Cubans discover the reality behind the image that the totalitarian Government sells us.

Journalism is related to publishing, disseminating and broadcasting news in a period of time when this news is current and of general interest. Insulting people who are subjects in this news does not feature in a journalist’s job description.

Plus, a journalist’s investigation is dedicated to discovering things for the simple fact of discovering the truth. Therefore, Humberto Lopez’s journalism has nothing to do with this definition.

What the Cuban Government really cares about is Humberto dedicating himself to defaming the people who appear in the news. The goal is to hold onto power and keep their tummies full, while the Cuban people suffer of hunger.

Of course, the Government is behind Humberto, because there is no freedom of press or speech in Cuba. It’s the Communist Party’s Ideological Department that decides what can and can’t be said on national television. Mass communication.

Socialism means collective ownership of means of production. Therefore, the Cuban TV’s lead news program should belong to all the Cuban people. However, the Cuban government has been using the media for its own interests for over 46 years. Collectivism in this country is a lie. In fact, there’s no proof that socialism ever existed in this country, even in name.

Simply put, the TV news doesn’t reflect all of Cuban reality. Incredibly enough, everything put forth there is good news. Nothing bad happens on our island. If a foreigner were to watch this news program, they might think Cuba is the best place in the world to live.

Humberto Lopez is the Government’s cultural construct. He is just another puppet and parrot of the leaders of this perverse and aberrant system.  If Communism were to collapse here on the island, Humberto would have to flee the country because he is going to be lynched. There is a lot of hatred built up in Cuba, because of all the repression and injustices the Government has committed over all these years.

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